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Asking and answering the right questions will help clarify a leader’s roles and responsibilities. Learn seven questions that focus attention on the central issues needed for effective leadership.
Retaining a positive and motivated summer staff is vital to ministry impact and effectiveness. Getting your seasonal staff to return for more than one summer increases productivity, shortens the learning curve and impacts recruitment efforts and costs, as returning staff passionate about your ministry attract others.
Every organization faces times of crisis, crossroads in direction, changes in the external environment and the need to address people issues. Each of these situations requires making hard decisions—decisions that are in the best interest of the organization but are painful, unclear, uncertain and possibly full of risk.
Now everyone, not just the Big Camps, can benefit from accounting and information systems that were once out of reach for small and mid-sized camps. Focusing on accounting and information reporting, this seminar shows participants how to harvest information in useful and meaningful ways, without a degree in accounting—or a fulltime CPA on staff!
Increasingly, mass shootings are in the headlines and a concern to not only schools and businesses but also churches and Christian camps. Would you know how to respond if you heard shots fired?
Come explore the importance of having a philosophy and theology that helps ground your outdoor education ministry. This empowers your program with the ability to adapt to varied participant needs while staying true to your mission and providing excellent programming.
This seminar will show the need for strong leaders in secondary positions—assistant directors—and explore some of the challenges of working in a subordinate position.
This session will explore best practices in hiring, coaching and firing.
It’s possible to use Big Data in a small-business setting to make better-informed decisions. But becoming a data-driven, decision-making and missional organization is almost unheard of.
When you think of branding, what comes to mind? If you’re like most people, you might think of a logo or a slogan. But your brand is so much more than that.
Break-even analysis quantifies exactly what it will take in activity-driven revenue to cover all associated expenses.
This Q&A will address very specific challenges in governance that are holding back camps and offer specific solutions that work in most situations.
Christian camping professionals are facing both new and familiar challenges on a far more regular basis. Moral failure on the part of staff, the striking brokenness of many camp and conference participants and the need to demonstrate the effectiveness of programs are but a few examples.
Camps have the opportunity to provide a real-world setting for students to apply their learning. This workshop will explore how to design internship programs that will be respected by colleges and valued by students.
If two heads are better than one, just imagine how incredible a room full of creative programmers would be! Participate in a workshop where the takeaways could be exponential as everyone shares their best ideas for various group sizes and multiple applications.
Why are lives transformed at Christian camps? How can you maximize the impact of your ministry in the lives of staff and guests?
This practical seminar will teach you new strategies for finding potential grant sources for your camp or conference center.
Do you want your staff to capture a clear vision for high performance? Everyday images can take on powerful meaning when you develop them to communicate important training concepts.
A fast-paced hour featuring some of the most common problems in marketing camps and conference centers. We'll play "ask the expert" and take questions on some of your most pressing issues.
Kaizen is an approach to organizational development and management. Considering employees, a continuous process and individual responsibility at the core, this seminar is about maximizing efficiency and efficacy thought continuous improvements in an organization. This is a two-part series.
This seminar includes presentation and discussion of recent legislation, court actions and legal decisions that affect governance, operational practices and finances at Christian camps and conference centers. Learn practical steps you can take to enhance your ministry within the current legal context.
This seminar explores the signs and symptoms of ministry exhaustion, loss of passion and vision, burnout and the importance of learning your personal thresholds to maintain spiritual vitality.
Camp food can be delicious and should be delicious! Learn how to make a first-class food experience a part of your camp's reputation. This seminar will challenge you to step up your game in taste and quality.
"Learn about marketing tools and free resources CCCA is providing to member camps and conference centers. Learn how CCCA can help you build a strategic marketing plan, and walk through Marketing Plan in a Box.
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