Ed McDowell Ed McDowell

Warm Beach Camp Email Ed McDowell

Ed McDowell became board chair for CCCA in January 2014. He has been the executive director of Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center since 1995. Previous to 1995, Ed spent five years as dean of student development at Central College in McPherson, Kansas, and three years as senior pastor of First Free Methodist Church in Denver, Colo.

Ed is a sought-after speaker/teacher/consultant at churches, retreats and professional conventions, both locally and nationwide. Also known as a skilled mediator, Ed endeavors to see all sides of every situation, while applying God’s unconditional love and firm standards to stand in the gap until mutually peaceful and productive solutions are identified and put into effect.

Ed and his wife, Bev, have nine children, the five youngest being adopted. They also have 10 grandchildren, including six adopted. Needless to say, family time ranks high on Ed’s list of personal interests, along with music, reading, golf, fishing, hunting, biking and horses. His individual mission statement defines God’s call on his life: “To give my life away for the cause of Jesus Christ to as many people as possible.”

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Ed Covert Ed Covert

Camp Redwood Glen Email Ed

Ed Covert is serving as Vice-Chair for the CCCA board. He is a committed Christ follower, husband to Maryann, dad to Taylor and Claire, and son to Salvation Army officer parents. He loves to surf, fly-fish, watch baseball and eat ice cream, and not always necessarily in that order, but there is always ice cream. His journey in Christian camping began in the pots and pans sink at Camp Elephant Rock where the Lord captured his heart for the ministry, power and influence of camp. Ed currently serves as executive director at Redwood Glen in California and has enjoyed the privilege of being involved with the Salvation Army's camping ministry for a long time. His journey has afforded him the opportunity to lead the ministry team at three of the Army's west coast camps and serve as the Army's national camp liaison. Ed shares that serving with CCCA colleagues in both the Northwest and Sierra Pacific Sections to bless, encourage and equip camping leaders has been, and continues to be, a very meaningful part of the journey as he takes steps toward Jesus each day.

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Bob Strodel Bob Strodel

Christian Camps Email Bob

Bob Strodel is the secretary/treasurer of the CCCA board. He is a second-generation camp director who spent 12 years in the aerospace field before “coming home” and returning to serve at camp. Since 1994 Bob has served as the executive director of Christian Camps and Conferences, Inc., which operates Camp Brookwoods, Camp Deer Run, Moose River Outpost and the Brookwoods Conference Center, all located in New England.

Bob attended Wheaton College in Chicago and has a mechanical engineering degree from Northeastern University, a M.S. and an MBA from the Florida Institute of Technology. He still loves his aerospace background, and the summer rocket program at Brookwoods results in more than 200 launches each summer with potential young engineers.

Debbie accepted Bob’s invitation to the senior prom, and they have been married for 40-plus years with two children and four grandchildren. They live on camp property in Alton, New Hampshire, and enjoy seeing lives changed for Christ in the camp environment.

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Rick Miller Rick Miller

Brethren Retreat Ministries Email Rick

Rick Miller is the executive director of Brethren Retreat Ministries (Shipshewana, Indiana.) He has served full-time in this role since 1995. He was a school teacher/coach for 10 years prior to Outdoor Ministry. Rick has a passion for serving youth and guiding them to realize their leadership qualities. Rick and his wife, Tracy, have been married 31 years and have four adult children. They have just entered the era of grandparenthood in 2021.

Rick has been a member of Christian Leadership Alliance since 1996. He has earned the title of Credentialed Christian Nonprofit Leader (CCNL) with them. He is also actively involved in his local church, denomination and community.

Rick has been a member the Indiana Section Cabinet since 2007, including two terms as Section President (2014-2016 and 2020-2022). He desires to promote the value of building healthy relationships between Christian camp leaders. He believes outdoor ministry is the greatest evangelistic tool to extend the kingdom of God. He values the role that CCCA provides to create professionalism, relationships and inspiration for camp leaders.

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Joe Fahlman Joe Fahlman

Trout Creek Bible Camp Email Joe

Joe Fahlman has been the executive director of Trout Creek Bible Camp since 1991. Prior to that, he held the position of program director for three years at Trout Creek and also served on the volunteer summer staff from 1980 to 1987. He started his years at Trout Creek as a camper in 1976 where he received Christ. He is a graduate of Multnomah University with a bachelor’s degree in Biblical education.

Joe has been serving on the planning committee for the Northwest Section since 1991 and had a term as section president from 2013-2015. He is actively involved in his local church, teaching and serving as an elder. Joe also has served his community since 2006 as a volunteer firefighter for the Corbett Fire District.

He met his wife Angela at Trout Creek in 1985 and they have been married since 1990. She also serves at the camp as food service director. Joe and Angela have three adult children, one engaged, one married and the third is in college. Joe desires for people to know, love and faithfully follow the Lord with all of their hearts and believes that camping is a vital component to that end. Joe is also an avid Minnesota Vikings fan, loves to watch NFL football, play volleyball, track weather and spend time with his family.

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Tom Graney Tom Graney

New Life Ranch Email Tom

Tom Graney is region rep for CCCA's Central Southern Region. He is the executive director of New Life Ranch in northeast Oklahoma, where he has served full-time for 16 years and has been connected with for more than 28 years. Tom has helped lead the ministry through a transition into more of a team approach to doing ministry. He has led New Life Ranch during period of exponential growth, exceeding their 500-bed capacity location, which led to the debt free acquisition of a second 700-bed site. New Life Ranch is one camp, two sites and one mission with ministry year-round, consisting of summer camps, outdoor education, community ministries, retreats and specialty events. Tom is passionate about fulfilling the mission of New Life Ranch, which is to present the gospel of Jesus Christ and to equip believers for ministry. Along with his New Life Ranch duties, Tom has been on the Ozark Section Cabinet for many years and has served as the section president-elect and president for the last four years. Tom holds a B.S. in marketing and graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary in May 1999 with master's degrees in cross cultural ministries and Biblical studies. Tom and April have five "camp" kids, ranging from fifth grade to a freshman in college. They all love living at camp and enjoy the opportunity to serve in different capacities.

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Joseph Preston Joseph Preston


Joseph Preston is the director of WLD Ranch (near Erie, Pennsylvania). He has been involved at WLD Ranch since he was eight years old, starting as a camper and then joining the summer staff for 11 summers. After graduating from Dallas Theological Seminary in 2002, Joseph and his wife Christy joined the full-time staff at WLD Ranch, with Joseph becoming director in 2017. For the past 15 years, Joseph has served on the cabinet of the Allegheny Section, including two terms as section president. Joseph and Christy have four children, and they enjoy serving in ministry together at WLD Ranch. Joseph is an ordained minister and serves as an elder at Fairview Bible Church. He also enjoys trick roping, playing violin, riding horses, playing disc golf and studying the Bible with family and friends.

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Matt Moeckl Matt Moeckl

Wildwood Hills Ranch Email Matt

Matt Moeckl is the executive director of Wildwood Hills Ranch, which serves youth coming out of vulnerable situations such as foster care, abuse and neglect. Prior to his involvement at the ranch, Matt worked in real estate investing and development. He holds a bachelor’s degree from Iowa State University in Finance and an MBA from Drake University with an emphasis in nonprofit management. He serves on the Leadership Committee of The Iowa Christian Generosity Council and The Joseph Council whose mission is to re-engage the church on issues such as orphan/foster care, fatherlessness and addiction recovery. Matt serves as the president of the Iowa/Nebraska Section of CCCA until the spring of 2021.

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Steve Collins Steve Collins

South Mountain Christian Camp Email Steve

Steve Collins serves as the region rep for CCCA’s Southeast Region. He is the executive director of South Mountain Christian Camp in Bostic, North Carolina where he has served full-time since 1998. Steve and his wife Jen met at summer camp and work together in the ministry at South Mountain. They have been married more than 25 years and have two adult children, Mikel and Amy.

Steve has been a member the Carolinas-Virginias Section cabinet for fourteen years, including a term as section president and many years as marketing coordinator. He promotes the ideas of sharing, supporting and serving between Christian camps and believes that CCCA is the organization best suited to facilitate these connections.

Steve is also actively involved in his local community, serving on the Juvenile Crime Prevention Council, Community Engagement Team, Rutherford Outdoor Coalition board of directors, Local Advisory Council for REACH High School and board of elders for Restoration Church.

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Stanton Whitling Stanton Whitling

Hume Lake Email Stanton

Stanton Whitling serves as the region rep for CCCA's Southwest Region. He is the senior director of operations at Hume Lake Christian Camps in Central California where he has ministered for 16 years. Before being called to Hume, Stanton was the executive director at Wolf Mountain Conference Association where he served for 12+ years in Northern California.

He has been active on the Sierra Pacific cabinet for the past 22 years. During this time, he spent five years as the CCCA Legislative Representative on the California Camping Advisory Council and served 16 years as the Legislative Representative for California Collaboration for Youth (CCFY). He has also held the position of section president, education chair and region representative.

Stanton and his wife, Kris, met at Westmont. They've been married for 31 years and love just being together, enjoying anything outdoors. The passion in their lives is to see others love and grow in Christ. This passion spilled over into raising their own four grown kids.

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Cathey Prudhomme Cathey Prudhomme

Eagle Village Email Cathey

Cathey Prudhomme serves as an at-large member of the CCCA board of directors. She believes Christian camping is a dynamic tool for impacting lives. She has been involved with Christian camping her entire life and spent most of her childhood in a camp ministry founded by her parents. Since then, she has worked with her husband, Steve Prudhomme, former board chair of CCCA, in a denominational camp setting and was employed by the State of Michigan as a camp licensing consultant. She has been involved in CCCA for over 25 years, serving as a speaker and a member of curriculum councils and has worked for over 15 years with many camps and Christian ministries in an organizational consultant role, facilitating processes.

In 2010, Cathey returned to Eagle Village as the president/CEO, re-founding the ministry her parents started. When not ministering at Grace Adventures or Eagle Village, Cathey stays active with her family, enjoying many sporting events.

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Larry Johnston, PhD Larry Johnston, PhD

McConkey-Johnston Email Larry

Dr. Johnston attended California State University, Fullerton, where he received a B.A. in Foreign Languages. A former VISTA (Volunteers in Service to America) volunteer, Larry has spent his entire career working on behalf of non-profit organizations.

A well-known development and organization development consultant, coach and trainer, Larry is a frequent speaker at conferences nationally and internationally. Beginning in 1978 he served as Campaign Coordinator and Counsel to the Billion Dollar “Here’s Life, World” Campaign of Campus Crusade for Christ, at that time the largest private fund-raising effort in history. During this time, he completed his course work toward a Master of Science in Organization Development at the Graduate School of Business and Management, Pepperdine University. He holds an M.A. degree in Organization Development and a Ph.D. in Human and Organizational Systems from Fielding Graduate University.

Larry’s doctoral research resulted in the creation of Donor Value Mapping®, a leading edge process for determining the key drivers of donor loyalty and lifetime value. In addition to helping clients in a wide range of development issues, he is a certified MBTI trainer and regularly assists organizations to go beyond strategic planning to the design and implementation of strategic management systems.

Having consulted internationally with clients in Canada, Europe, Asia and Latin America, he has a special interest in strategic management and leading and managing organizational change. Larry and his wife Rebecca live in Colorado Springs, Colorado.

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Gregg Hunter Gregg Hunter

CCCA Email Gregg


In his role as president/CEO of Christian Camp & Conference Association, Gregg Hunter is responsible for the overall strategic direction of CCCA in its efforts to maximize ministry for its members. He is passionate about Christian camping because of the life-changing impact it had on his own life. At 17, he committed his life to Christ on his first trip to a Christian camp.

Before joining CCCA, Gregg served as vice president of public affairs at Georgia Family Council, where he spearheaded all aspects of the nonprofit’s communications and fundraising efforts. His diverse background in communications, marketing and development includes six years at The Boeing Company and five years at Young Life, where he was a member of the President’s Cabinet as the organization’s senior communications officer.

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