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Rental Facilities

Have a game plan of activities but need a host site to accommodate your group?

Many Christian camps and conference centers open their doors to groups who may only require limited assistance from camp staff in running their program. If you fit that category, read on!

Thinking about renting a camp facility?

Consider these details when thinking about renting a facility rather than joining an ongoing program:

  1. Meals - Will you do all the cooking, or do you want the camp to cook? Many of our camps employ some of the best chefs your taste buds will ever find, so you may want to reconsider before deciding to prepare your own meals. Plus, they have experience in meal planning for large groups. They know where to shop, what to purchase and correct quantities needed to feed your group’s hungry bellies. The camp will feed your guests’ healthy appetites while you focus on feeding their souls.

  2. Kitchen Facilities - Due to health regulations or other groups who may be on-site at the same time, you may not be able to rent kitchen facilities. Always ask. Never assume that the kitchen facilities are part of the deal. If they’re not, request alternatives.
  3. Programming - Many groups make the mistake of opting out of additional activities like ropes courses, swimming pools, and mini-golf or gaga ball. When their group arrives, they realize how much fun those activities would be, and then they ask about opting in. Unfortunately, last-minute opt-ins don’t often work. Recreation directors may have scheduled much needed time off, or other groups may have scheduled activities or facilities that you later realize would have worked perfectly for your group. Carefully consider the many activities your facility offers, and sign up in advance to help avoid surprises.
  4. Services For worship services, are you planning to project words to your music on a screen? Does your speaker need a screen and projector to support the message? Your camp needs to know of these requirements in advance so they can plan accordingly. Bringing your own equipment? Let the camp know. They can assist you in finding the best place to plug in the cord so your guests don't trip over it and get hurt!
  5. Sleeping arrangements Your group will be busy each day and will need to recharge for the next day with a good night’s sleep. Ask your camp for sleeping arrangement details. Are bedding and linens provided? In an effort to keep costs down, some camps will ask that you bring your bedding or towels. If these details have not been spelled out already, always ask and plan accordingly.
  6. Weather - Snow in July? Yes, it can happen! In some places, especially in the mountains, the weather can change at any time. If you have outdoor activities planned, be prepared with an alternate indoor activity if the weather turns nasty or dangerous. How can guests most effectively pack for a range of possible weather conditions? Ask the camp what they recommend.

There are certainly more details to plan, but above all, consider how God can use your time together to draw your group closer to Him and closer to each other. Ask your planning committee to pray together and separately for direction in guiding your group during your time together.

Amazing things can happen as a group when we get away from the daily grind and open our hearts to God in a place dedicated to His glory.

Find a great rental facility that meets your group’s specific needs.