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Remember your days at camp as a child? Full of learning, growing, fun, friendships, awesome memories and—if it was a Christian camp—coming to know Christ in a new way.

Never had the chance to attend camp as a kid? You want your child to have all the opportunities you missed out on, yes?

"Let the little children come to me, and do not hinder them,
for the kingdom of God belongs to such as these." —Luke 18:16, NIV

Christian camps provide many of the same physical activities experienced in God’s creation as any other camp, but Christian camps take it a step further. Not only will your child grow physically, mentally and emotionally, but also spiritually. Christian camps address the whole child.

There is one other feature Christian camps offer, too: caring adult role models who are compassionately committed to helping children know and grow in Christ Jesus.

As children leave the everyday distractions of life and enter the beauty of God’s creation, they’ll remember—or discover for the first time—the awe of gazing up at thousands of stars in the night sky, plus a myriad of other delights found in nature’s glory.

At Christian camp, your child will

  • know and grow in Christ,
  • experience positive Christian role models,
  • develop godly character and values,
  • make new friends with shared foundational values,
  • find more joys in nature than technology,
  • build healthy bodies and
  • have fun!

Changing lives for Christ. Why not use a small portion of the funds God has given you to send your kids—or someone else’s—to Christian camp, a space with a proven track record of changing lives for good?

Help send a kid to camp who otherwise could not afford to go. CCCA’s Corners of the Field initiative allows a child to experience Christ and camp because of your generosity. Donate now.

CCCA’s member camps span offerings for kids of all ages, abilities, interests and geographical preferences. Many CCCA member camps are denominationally affiliated, and many are independently owned and operated. Camping has long been considered one of Christianity’s most effective ways to impact the lives of children and teens.

Not only will you change your own child’s life with the camp experience, but likely many other lives as well.

Search now for a Christian camp for kids near you.

Not sure your child is ready for camp yet? We can help! Download our free publication, "Preparing your Child for Camp" (also available in Spanish).