CCCA Staff & Board of Directors

CCCA Staff

Click on a staff member's name or picture to find out more about us. Feel free to email or call the office staff at (719) 260-9400 with your questions about Christian camping, our association and how we can help your camp.

Emily BarnesEmily Barnes
Executive Assistant
Extension 138
Angie FormanAngie Forman
Data & Registration Coordinator
Extension 118
Jenah JamesonJenah Jameson
Member Relations Assistant
Extension 124
Carol Ann ChaseCarol Ann Chase
Membership Development Coordinator
Extension 133
Emily BergandineEmily Hughes
Director of Member Engagement
Extension 137
McKenna MeinhardMcKenna Reding
Marketing / Communications and Training / Events Coordinator
Bensie CheneyBensie Cheney
Finance Coordinator
Extension 110
Gregg HunterGregg Hunter
President / CEO
Extension 100
Von SommervilleVon Sommerville
Training and Events Manager
Extension 219


Board of Directors
Gabe Valencie
Gabe Valencia

Mile High Pines   Email Gabe

Ed Covert
Ed Covert
Bob Strodel
Camp Redwood Glen   Email Ed
Lifeway Email Bob
Rick Miller
Rick Miller
Great Lakes Region
Joe Fahlman
Joe Fahlman 
Great Northern Region
Brethren Retreat Ministries   Email Rick
Trout Creek Bible Camp   Email Joe
Dan Faulkner
Dan Faulkner
Central Southern Region
Joseph Preston 
Northeast Region
Camp Elim   Email Dan
WLD Ranch   Email Joseph
Matt Moeckl
Matt Moeckl
North Central Region
Art Snead
Art Snead
Southeast Region
Wildwood Hills Ranch   Email Matt
Ridgecrest Foundation   Email
Paul Biles
Paul Biles
Southwest Region
Cathey Prudhomme
Cathey Prudhomme
At-Large Member
(2018-2020; 2021-2023)
Camp Tejas   Email Paul
Eagle Village   Email Cathey
Larry Johnston
Larry Johnston, PhD
At-Large Member
 (2015-2017; 2018-2020; 2021-2023)
Aucretia Carey
Aucretia Carey
At-Large member
McConkey-Johnston   Email Larry
Barefoot Republic   Email Aucretia
Gregg Hunter
Gregg Hunter
CCCA   Email Gregg
CCCA Consultants

Our outstanding team of consultants serves CCCA and its members in maximizing ministry in their area of expertise.

Mike HamesMike Hames
Graphic Designer
Email Mike
  Penny HunterPenny Hunter
Email Penny 
  Steve SlaightSteve Slaight
Online Projects
Email Steve
Byron HillByron Hill
Operations Consultant
Email Penny 
  Jon RuybalidJon Ruybalid
Legal Counsel
Email Jon