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Through an interactive format, we will explore your camp’s uniqueness and how to use it to gain the attention of the right group leaders in hope of ultimately helping them become lifelong partners in your mission.
This seminar will provide a detailed look at how youth camps can obtain bank loans to proceed with immediate facility needs prior to receipt of capital campaign pledges. Attendees will be given the preferred terms for youth camps for this type of loan transaction.
We will explore how to budget in a way that resonates with donors, properly allocate expenses, create dashboards to show key metrics at your camp and how proper budgeting will help you make a wise decision regarding programming. This is all about making intelligent decisions with the resources you have to propel your ministry forward.
Most leadership development focuses on how to effectively lead others. But before you lead others well, you must first lead yourself well. This session offers an inside-out approach to build the leadership capacity necessary to lead your organization in today's complex ministry environment.
We all want to connect with kids, but sometimes it's difficult to know how. Discover how your own passions and personality can fill your ministry toolbox and equip you to meet and know kids.
Your campers are engaging with media now and will be doing so for the rest of their lives. The latest research tells us that teens (ages 13-18) are engaged with media for nine hours a day, and tweens (ages 8-12) for six hours a day. In this seminar, Walt will introduce...
Getting sick or injured at camp isn't fun -- for the camper, the staff, the parents or guardians. Sky Ranch worked with Access Physicians to launch an urgent care telemedicine clinic at their camp in Van, Texas. Join this session to learn what worked, how much they saved in time, money and tears, and walk away with the top five reasons telemedicine is a win for summer camp and might be a viable solution for your organization.
This session will explore the results of the second-year of research on the impact of working at a camp on staff. We will explore the results of the study related to staff growth in five areas (leadership, emotional intelligence, social intelligence, spiritual formation and teamwork) as well as the aspects of training that are most effective in facilitating development in those five areas.
Camp alumni are out there, somewhere, telling their camp stories! In this session, we'll discuss the importance of connecting alumni back to camp, and not just to hear their stories. We'll cover several different approaches: newsletters (electronic and paper), camp celebrations, alumni camp, hosting events at camp, on-site volunteer opportunities and more.
Civility is possible when we have an open heart. But an open heart means more than being nice; it means understanding what lies behind our emotions. This workshop will help us learn to trace our reactions backward from the trigger to the convictions and concerns, so we can begin to understand others and ourselves better.
Today's incessant overload ravages children, teens and adults. Camps, primed to make a difference, can equip kids to navigate 24/7 in a way that is transformative and life-giving. Powerful insights and innovative tools will prepare you to assist your campers creatively and relevantly explore quiet and creation/rhythm and rest, in a way that will alter the trajectory of their lives.
This will be an identification and discussion of the recent legislation, court actions and legal decisions that affect governance, operational practices, legal compliance and finances at Christian camps and conference centers.
How can you balance the demands of life and ministry so you can be fully present at home, honor the call to your ministry and represent God authentically?
There is a growing epidemic of distant or absent fathers in the world of Christian camping. This seminar will discuss the many expressions of fatherlessness in America. The possible burdens and wounds of these phenomena will...
This session will focus on food safety and infectious disease trends emerging in environments where people gather or prepare food. Patrick Drouin will review the latest issues associated with potential infectious disease outbreaks and how they cause significant illness to consumers and visitors. The session will close with a detailed discussion on the role of food handlers and environmental services play in reducing these risks.
Domokur Architects, in collaboration with Camp Cho-Yeh, will describe the master planning process that allowed them to complete phase one of their master plan in just two years. Join the Domokur camp design team and the president of Camp Cho-Yeh to learn how the comprehensive master plan helped their camp shape their future quickly. Explore recent projects completed at Camp Cho-Yeh and see what's in store for years to come.
The Broadmoor has expanded their commitment to hospitality to include Wilderness Experiences at The Ranch at Emerald Valley and Cloud Camp. Join a Broadmoor chef and learn new tips and techniques on how you can cook healthy meals on a limited budget, with limited equipment.
Every camp has a desire to accomplish more than it currently is. Every camp has more needs than it can meet. The board plays a critical role in partnership with the camp director on bringing focus to the most important issues in timely and practical ways. This seminar will provide practical guidance, policy and templates to bring greater focus to the ministry.
Disc Golf is a unique and inclusive recreational activity for kids and adults. It is easy to learn and provides outstanding opportunities for relationship building. Installing a disc golf course and delivering related programs as a Christian camp is sure to provide opportunities to further the Kingdom. Come learn how!
Is your ministry accomplishing your mission? Are you accurately and effectively evaluating your ministry impact? Learn how to develop assessment tools that give you an accurate picture of what your program is actually doing. Leave with practical tools for designing effective evaluations.
Our priority as leaders is the responsibility we have to protect the campers in our care. How do we honor the risk without becoming...
We will take a look at the biblical basis for a business-like approach to your ministry. This includes being wise stewards of your camp and resources, balancing the ministry and business mindset and knowing sound financial principles that will lead to the long-term sustainability of your camp.
Have you ever asked, "Where has my time gone? How can I be so busy while accomplishing so little? Am I using my time, energy and focus on the right things? Am I making a difference?" This seminar was designed by people who've asked these questions and faced these nagging doubts. We hope to empower you to address these questions and organize your life to accomplish God's purposes.
While CCCA camps continue to provide inspira-tion and restoration to their attendees, they also struggle with funding needed to expand or even sustain their ministry. This session will enable attendees to introduce their donors to the benefits of current gifts using assets such as land, buildings or family business stock.
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