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Illinois Section Indiana Section Ohio Section Tennessee/Kentucky Section Deep South Section Florida Section Georgia Section Carolinas/Virginias Section Pacific Southwest Section Sierra Pacific Section Pacific Southwest Section Rocky Mountain Section Texas Section Ozark Section Iowa/Nebraska Mid-Atlantic Section Allegheny Section Northeast Section Michigan Section Michigan Section Wisconsin Section Minn-E-Dakotas Section Northern Plains Section Northern Rockies Section Northwest Section Alaska Section

An extensive network of chapters, or sections, exists for CCCA camp and conference members. On this local level, camp leaders offer valuable education, spiritual enrichment, and neighborly encouragement and help to each other.

Each CCCA section is led by officers who provide guidance and direction for meeting the unique needs of section members. Some ways they might do that include the following:

Sectionals: Annual grassroots conferences to nurture and educate leaders on all levels

Training Programs: A variety of specialized instruction to obtain certifications

Government Relations: Legislative awareness and limited lobbying via section government-relations coordinators

Mentoring/Nurturing: Partnering networks to maintain accountability and build spiritual and professional maturity

Communications: Email broadcasts, newsletters and other communiques to keep section members informed

Promotional Ventures: Media blitzes and expositions to recruit campers, guests and staff

  • For details about future sectionals, visit our sectional calendar.
  • For details about all CCCA related events, including section level events, consult our online calendar.

CCCA is also divided into seven regions (see map above). Each region has a representative who is on the CCCA board of directors. Click on a section name on the right or below (mobile) and select "Section Cabinet" from the top menu to view region representative and section cabinet members' names and contact information.

Great Northern Great Northern Region
   Northwest Section
   Northern Rockies Section
   Northern Plains Territory
   Alaska Section
North Central North Central Region
   Minn-E-Dakotas Section
   Iowa/Nebraska Section
   Wisconsin Section
   Illinois Section
Great Lakes Great Lakes Region
   Indiana Section
   Michigan Section
   Ohio Section
Northeast Northeast Region
   Allegheny Section
   Northeast Section
   Mid-Atlantic Section
Southwest Southwest Region
   Sierra Pacific Section
   Pacific Southwest Section
   Rocky Mountain Section
Central Southern Central Southern Region
   Ozark Section
   Texas Section
   Deep South Section
Southeast Southeast Region
   Tennessee/Kentucky Section
   Carolinas/Virginias Section
   Florida Section
   Georgia Section