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Its a common phrase in Christian camping: "the mountaintop experience." Many of those moments regularly happen on the properties where you serve. Yet walking with God won't always be like that. For believers, as Relevant writer, Lucy Worley, says, "The sign of authentic relationship with God is that it allows itself to change over time." Read the article here.
Posted: 01/25/2016
CCCA President/CEO Gregg Hunter recently helped his brothers sort through decades of their parents' documents, treasures and junk as their parents prepared for a move to an assisted living facility. In a new blog post, Gregg reflects on the questions the experience brought to the surface about what he himself will leave behind someday and challenges all of us to consider what we want our own legacies to be. Read the post here.
Posted: 11/03/2015
The New York Times article "Stop Googling. Let's Talk." explores research on the toll our always-connected, never-fully-present way of life is taking on relationships and empathy. Read the article for an in-depth look at the problem, and to learn why camp may be part of the solution.
Posted: 10/02/2015
Youth worker Mark Oestreicher describes the big faith decisions teens sometimes make at camp as "Ebenezers." Find out what in the world that means, and why he thinks camps and retreats play an important role in the faith formation journey of young people today, in this blog post.
Posted: 09/29/2015
While 35 percent of millennials do not identify with any religion, new research from Barna Group suggests "the light of the millennial Christian is shining actually brighter than that of Boomer or Gen X Chrisitans," according to Barna President David Kinnaman. Find out why in this Relevant magazine article.
Posted: 09/29/2015
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Event Date: 02/22/2016
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