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Kids outside on a logWant some strategies to get more time outside? Here are some quick ideas.
Posted: 05/26/2016
Lessons learned during a camp experience can strongly contribute to a better transition into campus life. “‘On top of forging friendships for a lifetime, camp taught me how to be away from my parents, interact with complete strangers and become independent,’" Benjamin Eidelberg says in this NBC News article.
Posted: 05/20/2016
Camp, according to Washington Post writer Laura Clydesdale, gives kids a competitive advantage in life. Read about the benefits here.
Posted: 05/10/2016
As a White House priority, Fresh Tracks is an initiative connecting youth from Los Angeles and Arctic Circle communities to explore “each other's cultures and the outdoors.” More...
Posted: 05/05/2016
In the study “Going Camping” research shows how time spent in nature relates to personality types... Read more
Posted: 04/21/2016
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