Several teens having fun together
Photo Courtesy of Word of Life Bible Institute

Helping Teens Unplug and Connect

Most parents and church leaders understand that social media has a heavy grip on teens. Camp is a fantastic opportunity for kids to unplug and spend a week screen-free while connected face-to-face with others. However, bringing tech-free connections into the lives of our teens outside of camp may be a challenge.

How can we teach teens to prioritize and invest in their community with no screens involved?

Some practical tips for helping your teen unplug include:

  • Encouraging your family or youth group to take a social media fast together
  • Inviting family friends over for a phone and tv free evening
  • Setting time limits with passwords on teen’s devices for social media apps
  • Making space for teens to process the impact of social media by asking questions such as “How do you feel after spending time on social media?” “What was your motivation behind the last post you made?” or “How does social media impact the relationships in your life?”