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Join Linda Ellsworth for this interactive, idea-producing workshop that will help you develop and enrich personal care and mentorship for your camp or conference center staff members. This session will explore the importance of mentorship as well as the how-tos, including Scripture, prayer, praise and "hooplah."
Maggie Robbins and Mickey Cox share how we can practice the "unforced rhythms of grace" (Matt. 11:28-30, The Message) in a ministry that sometimes forces us into a non-stop rhythm of work. Learn about practicing grace in busyness, spiritual exercises to awaken your prayer life, reading Scripture with your heart and head, and how you and your staff can grow in Christ.
Don Goehner and Melissa Yonan show how and why establishing a strong alumni network of volunteers, donors, board members and staff can have a powerful impact on your camp or conference center ministry. These key people help with successful resource development, and this type of networking results in a greater ministry impact and more changed lives.
How do you transform your organization from what it is to where it could be? Knowing where you want to end up is just the first step on the journey of change. You'll likely experience friction during implementation. Discover principles of change from Nate Parks, and learn how to put them into action starting now.
Planned (or legacy) giving is essential to the long-term viability of your organization. While current gifts meet current needs, planned gifts are generally exponentially larger and provide a margin of excellence to sustain and strengthen the ministry. Explore with us how you can successfully operate a planned-giving program.
Researchers have conducted a host of studies about the spiritual lives of high-school students and emerging adults. This research can help inform and guide us as we reach, mentor, and disciple high schoolers and emerging adults. Join Rick Richardson and hear about the latest research and explore the implications.
Many organizations have assessed risk and developed controls to mitigate it, but they are struggling with getting their plans off the shelf and into practice. During this seminar, Steve Archibald discusses the creation of a comprehensive system, involving strategies, methods and procedures an organization can use to develop, implement and manage risk management.
Dissatisfaction in marriage and family is one of Satan's greatest tools to tear families apart and destroy ministries. With Drs. Paul and Virginia Frieson, discover in this valuable seminar how to use ministry to strengthen your marriage and provide your kids an exceptional environment that will encourage them to wholeheartedly love Jesus and joyfully serve Him.
How has your ministry prepared for the volatile issue of sexual identity that could affect programs, guest groups, and staff? Bob Tissot leads this session where the goal isn't to answer all the questions, but to challenge us for preparation rather than avoidance. Jesus was "full of grace and truth" (John 1:14 NIV)--and we are to become Christ-like.
Dashboards can be a daunting challenge. In this seminar, Michael Perry breaks down the concept into easy-to-digest components. You'll learn to determine what should be on your dashboard, and how to create and maintain one. Bring your board, financial operating reports, and laptop to take full advantage of this hands-on session.
Come hear how God moved a camp in the Midwest to reach kids beyond its properties. Tony Schmid shares how SpringHill Camps did the unexpected and took the camp experience on the road to reach even more youth. Learn about the ministry's obstacles, triumphs, vision and hopes for the future.
When a family experiences transformation, individual life changes are likely to last. Join this session with Drs. Paul and Virginia Friesen to learn how to develop staff and promote family camps that not only transform families but also support your other specialized camp or conference center ministries. This practical seminar will feature schedules and curriculums.
New IRS ruling affect camp operations and force staff to spend time focusing on exempt-status requirements. Dave Moja takes a look at this year's relevant IRS issues, including Form 990/political issues, unrelated business activities, Congress' tax reform proposals and tax extenders. Plus, you'll learn about new methods for fund raising.
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