Overlooking a snow-covered lake in the winter
Photo courtesy of David Yeagley, 2019

Five Ways to Get Outside This Winter

Spending time outside is a great way for kids to build confidence, promote imagination and increase exercise, but getting out of the house during chilly winter months can be tough. Bundle up and grab your family or friends to get some fresh air and experience the beauty of nature using these ideas!

  1. Winter Photo Scavenger Hunt
    Explore your neighborhood as you hunt for different winter scenes! Split into teams to search for objects such as icicles, snowmen , animal tracks, chimney smoke and pine trees. Take pictures as you find the objects on your list and share them with the other teams once you’re finished.

  2. Sledding and Gourmet Hot Chocolate
    Enjoy the classic winter tradition of sledding followed by a delicious cup of cocoa. Add new flavors such as peanut butter, peppermint extract, Nutella or cinnamon.

  3. Winter Bonfire
    Bring out a fire pit and enjoy a winter bonfire complete with s’mores!

  4. Snow Slushies
    Gather some fresh, clean snow and mix up snow cone syrup for a sweet treat provided by nature! This Real Snow Strawberry Snow Cone recipe makes for a refreshing winter snack.

  5. Deliver Desserts to Your Neighbors
    Bake your favorite treats together such as muffins, cookies or banana bread and then deliver them to your neighbors. Not only will your crew get some fresh air and exercise but will also be a blessing to others!