Outdoor Spaces Can Improve Physical, Mental Health, Image - picture of stream in the forest
Photo courtesy of Mount Hermon

Outdoor Spaces Can Improve Physical, Mental Health

In 2019, Americans spent 90% of their time indoors. With the onset of a global pandemic, that percentage likely increased as did feelings of isolation and mental health concerns.

One of the best ways to decrease stress and boost your mood is to leave your indoor space and get outside. Lisa M. Carlson, MPH, MCHES, president of the American Public Health Association, says, “Our natural spaces are sacred spaces. Getting outside to breathe fresh air, see the sun rise, feel the breeze — these can be centering experiences that are vital to our mental wellness. It’s good medicine, and time with nature doesn’t require a prescription.”

Often going outside doesn’t mean going far. A stroll around your neighborhood or visiting a nearby park will fit the bill. Being intentional about being outside can help support your physical and mental health. Find a place you enjoy outside and make it a daily practice to get outdoors!