CCCA announces the 2022 Thriving Boards Program—a unique training process and experience for selected CEOs and board members, generously funded in part by M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust. This program is designed specifically for member camps and conference centers of Christian Camp and Conference Association.

The program addresses the essentials of board health with a focus on governance, culture, sustainability and strategy. The training is accessible, usable and has been designed for effectiveness.

Building Board and Staff Capacity and Sustainability

CCCA’s Thriving Boards Program will equip each camp and conference center to fulfill its unique mission as it builds its board and staff capacity. The overall process will also help each organization identify a series of strategic next steps and benchmarks needed to create a sustainable future.

Participating camps and conference centers will receive practical insight, tools and templates for inspiring and educating both current and future board members. The program content will focus on the following four areas:

  • Board and CEO Leadership Roles and Responsibilities
  • Board Policies and Best Practices
  • The Importance of Being a Learning Board
  • Fulfilling the Organization’s Mission Through Effective Board Work

The 9-month program is built on a cohort-learning model that includes surveys, assessments, resource readings, interactive faculty presentations, and in-the-trenches practical dialogue and interaction both with colleagues from within each organization and with other camp and conference leaders. Each cohort is composed of up to 20 camp boards. Every board member is invited to participate. We recommend that a minimum of three board members and the Camp Director participate from each camp.

Customized Coaching for Your Camp/Conference Center

A unique feature of the Thriving Boards Program is the coaching component, which will provide organizations with two days of professional coaching. Some Boards will choose to have the coach come for two consecutive days to facilitate a board retreat. (CCCA will cover the travel cost of the coach for one trip to the camp/conference center).

Once registered, each organization will be assigned a coach who will provide hands-on, practical help for the assigned board. Based on an organization’s specific needs, the coach will suggest how they might allocate the two days of coaching over the program’s five phases.

Five Phases of the Thriving Boards Program
Cohort 8
  • Phase 1: Pre-reading, baseline surveys and telephone briefing (prior to Session One)
  • Phase 2: Early Fall Cohort 8 Session 1: Sept. 16–17, 2022
  • Phase 3: Enrichment Assignments (between the two sessions)
  • Phase 4: Early Fall Cohort 8 Session 2: Oct. 28–29, 2022
  • Phase 5: Coaching and Completion of Strategic Next Steps (with coaching accountability)
Five Phases of the Thriving Boards Program
Cohort 9
  • Phase 1: Pre-reading, baseline surveys and telephone briefing (prior to Session One)
  • Phase 2: Late Fall Cohort 9 Session 1: Oct. 4–5, 2022
  • Phase 3: Enrichment Assignments (between the two sessions)
  • Phase 4: Late Fall Cohort 9 Session 2: Nov. 15–16, 2022
  • Phase 5: Coaching and Completion of Strategic Next Steps (with coaching accountability)
Practical, Focused and Potentially Transformational
Invite and Inspire YOUR ENTIRE Board!

Participating organizations will commit to the following:

  • Invite everyone on the board to be part of the training. We recommend a minimum of three board members and the camp director for effectiveness. Commitment to the training is key for improving board effectiveness.
  • Participants must complete the readings and assignments before, during and after the sessions.
  • Participants will be expected to complete three surveys related to the program.
  • Each camp/conference center will be challenged and equipped to create a “ripple effect” by partnering with one other camp/conference center per year (for three years) to help create a culture of board excellence among CCCA member camps nationwide.
  • We expect to reach our capacity quickly. A program fee of $1,500 (about 10 percent of the total program value) is due no later than 60 days before Session 1. However, payment must be received in order to reserve your spot. We encourage you to pay with a credit card to complete your registration today.
The Thriving Boards Program Includes All of This!
  • Four days of board leadership training, inspiration and networking with other board members and camping leaders!
  • Two days of customized coaching with your assigned coach/consultant
  • One comprehensive resource book for each participant
  • Receive a copy of ECFA's Board Tools and Template book with access to online templates to customize for your camp's unique needs.
Coaches and Presenters

Coach: Steve Altick

Steve Altick

STEVE ALTICK served as the Executive Director and CEO of Camp Berachah Ministries from 1984 through 2011. The ministry operated two sites and served 300 groups and 4,000 children every year.

Steve served as the Chairman of CCCA, as Northwest Section President and a Regional Director. He spent 22 years in the Air Force, flying fighter aircraft with three combat tours in Vietnam, he retired in 1985.

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Coach: Rebekah Basinger

REBEKAH BURCH BASINGER is an independent consultant for board development and fundraising who works mostly with faith-based nonprofits and ministry organizations, including Christian camps and conference centers. Over the years, her consulting practice has been enriched by service on the boards of numerous organizations, beginning with her children's daycare center, extending to MAP (Medical Assistance Programs) International, ECFA (Evangelical Council for Financial Accountability), MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) International, and continuing today with Lancaster Theological Seminary. She also chairs the board of Grantham Church, her home congregation.

Rebekah received a B.A. in English from Trinity College, Deerfield, Ill., a master's in English from Wichita (Kan.) State University, and holds a doctorate in educational leadership and policy studies from Temple University. She and her husband, Randall, live in Dillsburg, PA, and are the parents of two adult sons and grandparents of seven exceptional grandchildren.

Rebekah Basinger

Coach: Tom Beaumont

Tom Beaumont

TOM BEAUMONT is a strong leader with more than 40 years of experience in Christian camping leadership. He holds a master’s degree in theology from Western Seminary in Portland, Oregon.

Tom recently retired as executive director at The Firs, located in Bellingham, Washington where he served for 36 years. He held additional roles at The Firs such as day camp director, adult and family program director and business manager. Prior to The Firs, Tom was the executive director of Trout Creek Bible Camp in Oregon.

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Coach: Bart Hadder

BART HADDER retired in 2015 where he served as Program Director at the M.J. Murdock Charitable Trust, Vancouver, Wash.

Bart has specialized in evaluating the overall organizational health of Christian camps and conference centers, Christian schools, other Christian ministries, and numerous other youth development focused non-profit organizations. The outcome of this analysis has been to determine an organization’s readiness and capacity to complete and sustain a capital project or program expansion, thus allowing the Trustees of the Murdock Trust to make a well informed decision regarding request for grant support.

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Bart Hadder

Coach: Nate Parks

Nate Parks

NATE PARKS is an experienced executive and a dynamic leader; in a word, Nate is influential. He loves to talk, implement, and execute strategy and vision with people and organizations that desire to have an impact. His personality is defined by energy and enthusiasm. This passion is evident in all his endeavors from leading, to coaching and consulting, to speaking.

As a dedicated consultant and mentor, Nate is a natural leader of leaders. He enjoys meeting with leaders to support them in their lives and work and is known for his creativity and unique perspective in seeking solutions for people and organizations. He's always challenging people to look beyond their personal or organizational boundaries for maximum impact.

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Coach: Patrick Patterson

PAT PATTERSON is a strong leader with over 30 years of experience in Christian Camping Leadership. He holds a master's degree in Christian Studies from Regent College.

Pat has exceptional communication, analytical and team building skills which have proven to be essential assets during his time in Christian Camping. Pat is currently the General Manager/C.O.O at Warm Beach Christian Camp and Conference Center where he oversees multiple departments, providing programing, operations and business administration guidance and leadership.

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Pat Patterson

Coach: Ray Schnickels

Ray Schnickels

RAY SCHNICKELS, Business Coach/Consultant, and a Minnesota native, is a graduate of the University of Minnesota (1975) with a bachelor of science in Food Chemistry. He received a Master of Arts in Biblical Studies degree from Dallas Theological Seminary (1986).

After almost 10 years with The Pillsbury Company, Ray left the corporate world to enter seminary in preparation for full time ministry. After 10 years in Christian camp and conference ministry in Texas, Colorado, Wisconsin and Maryland, he became a bi-vocational associate pastor while still working in the hospitality and hotel industry in Colorado.

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Presenter: Ed McDowell

ED McDOWELL has been the executive director of Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center, Stanwood, Wash., since 1995. Warm Beach serves more than 90,000 guests per year. Previous to 1995, Ed served five years as dean of student development at Central College in McPherson, Kan., and three years as senior pastor of First Free Methodist Church in Denver, Colo.

He is an experienced consultant and board member, having served on a wide variety of boards ranging from higher education, K-12 education, a crisis help line ministry, national associations, local churches, an adoption foundation, and currently serves as the board chair for Christian Camp and Conference Association (CCCA).

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Ed McDowell

PRESENTER: Nancy Nelson

Nancy Nelson

NANCY NELSON, has been in Christian camping since 1975. The majority of these years have been at Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center. For 21 years she served as the Development Director, leading the department through two major $6.5 million campaigns, the raising of $700-800,000 each year for operations, in addition to acquiring/coordinating over 50,000 hours of volunteer service annually. In January 2017, her title became the Director of Donor Relations as she handed off the leadership of the department to a capable younger leader.

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Presenter: Bob King

BOB KING is a strong executive leader with over 30 years of experience leading and managing manufacturing, distribution and logistics companies. The breadth of his experience ranges from Fortune 100 companies to $10M privately held concerns.

Bob has exceptional communication, analytical and team building skills which have proven to be essential assets during the many customer negotiations, process improvement initiatives, mergers, acquisitions and restructurings in which he has participated or led.

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Bob King
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Thriving Boards

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