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Marketing Plan in a Box, CCCA’s online resource exclusively for CCCA members, provides both basic marketing strategies and the latest in effective marketing techniques to help CCCA members fill camp beds and maximize their ministries. Presented in an online format, Marketing Plan in a Box contains advice that could cost thousands of dollars if you hired a consultant.

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The tools are easy to implement, even with a small staff or a small budget, and include four modules (Social Media, Advertising, Public Relations and Fund Development) as well as a bonus unit “Branding and Marketing Basics” and a comprehensive “Build Your Plan” guide.

Through the plan’s four modules, you will learn how to establish a solid brand, create demand for camp beds and conference bookings, and raise funds to further your ministry. Providing foundational tactics, case studies, recommended resources, off-the-shelf ideas, printable templates, and how-to’s, Marketing Plan in a Box is an essential resource for your organization. Take advantage of marketing counsel specifically targeted to the Christian camp and conference world.

Offered at $199, Marketing Plan in a Box is just one more way that CCCA strives to maximize your ministry and demonstrate that we can accomplish more together. This resource exclusively for CCCA members is now available in the CCCA Online Member Store.


I recently purchased Marketing Plan in a Box after studying various modules on the CCCA website. My initial impressions are very good.  Numerous resources and outlines make it easy for a layman to learn and implement various marketing strategies.  I anticipate being able to market our ministries capably and effectively. —Ray Shelton, JH Ranch

Marketing Plan in a Box is a dream product for camps that don't have marketing resources. The "Branding and Marketing Basics" module is complete and has a wonderful tool called "Build Your Plan" that steps you through the valuable exercise of establishing your brand and how you want to be perceived by your customers. It's the meeting that no one has time for, but it is essential to any good marketing strategy. I personally found the Public Relations Tab for Crisis Communication helpful. I also found it good discipline for me to read through all the modules to make sure we were covering all of our bases. I didn't read a page that didn't either challenge my current plan or at least confirm some actions we are already taking. It made me stop and think ... something that is hard to do during this busy season but very much worth the time. Thank you, CCCA, for taking the time to invest in such a well thought out product. It is well worth the $199...I would highly recommend it for all sizes of camps. Alice Myer, T Bar M Camp

Wow – Marketing [Plan] in a Box is terrific! I couldn’t even spell marketing, and now I’m excited about the possibilities after looking at Marketing [Plan] in a Box just a few hours. I purchased it for our camp back in the spring when it first came out…I was blown away. It’s got me thinking about all sorts of things…with a real focus to my thoughts. Within a few weeks I’ll have the rest of staff thinking about it, too. The questions were so good. The possibilities are tremendous. Thanks for developing this tool. Honestly, this really makes me appreciate my membership with CCCA. Our camp couldn’t afford a marketing consultant, but I feel like we received one in Marketing [Plan] in a Box. It’s something we can afford, but worth 10, even 50 times the cost by the time we put it all into use. —Dean Rizzo, Spring Canyon OCF

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