Flint & Steel Information

This heads-up member service offers association bulletins, industry-related regional and national news, statistics and societal trends, new product and service information, and a brief devotional thought. It's communicated in a timely email broadcast, launched on the first and third Tuesday of every month. Flint & Steel Classifieds are part of the Flint & Steel service. (Flint & Steel is only available as a CCCA member benefit.)


Flint & Steel Classifieds, published in each issue of Flint & Steel, are an ideal way to reach thousands of Christian camp and conference center professionals. Please follow the guidelines below for submitting an ad.

Size: The size per ad placed is a maximum of 1,000 characters and spaces.

Deadline: Submit ads the Wednesday before the first or third Tuesday in any given month. 

Rates effective Oct. 1, 2013: The fee for CCCA member camps/conferences and CCCA individual members is $129 per ad placement per issue (or just $169 for two successive issues). It is $179 per ad placement per issue (or $239 for two successive issues) for non-member camps and non-member individuals. 

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CCCA is a nonprofit organization committed to furthering Christian camping. CCCA provides limited space in the Flint & Steel Classifieds for advertising opportunities, services and products to advance the cause of Christian camping. CCCA is not responsible for the claims made by its advertisers and reserves the right to select or reject any advertising, in the sole discretion of CCCA, for any or no reason. 

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