Buying Power through CCCA

CCCA has negotiated agreements with Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I., SYSCO, entegra Procurement Services, Ecolab and Christian Video Licensing International to provide member organizations with increased purchasing power for foodservice consumables, equipment and many other facility-related products. These programs often provide ministries with attractive cost savings.


  • Exclusive program for CCCA members
  • Valuable property and liability protection at a fair price
  • Opportunities for safety dividends and premium credits
  • Special coverages are also a part of the program*
  • Possible cost savings of up to 15 percent (per item)
  • Broad selection of top-quality name brands
  • Substantial savings on both foodservice and facility supplies and equipment
Frequently Asked Questions

Is this just another GPO (group purchasing organization) program?

No. This program has been negotiated directly by CCCA with SYSCO (and entegra Procurement Services). This exclusive program will be available to all members of CCCA in the continental United States, while they are in good standing. Camp/conference members with multiple facilities must have at least one CCCA member for each distinct SYSCO delivery route.

How are my SYSCO prices determined?

The program is based on fixed landed cost margins, using typical foodservice categories.

Is there an additional fee to join the Buying Power Program?

Membership in CCCA is all that is needed to participate. There is no additional fee for CCCA camp/conference members. Once you sign the member/customer agreement with SYSCO, you also will be given a log in and password to access hundreds of other facility-related items within the entegra Procurement Services program.

Are there additional savings through allowances?

The special manufacturer pricing offered for products included in the CCCA program is in lieu of allowances, as the extra savings are included in the program pricing.

How do I know what the agreement requirements are for participation?

Please refer to the CCCA member customer agreement for all the details, which your SYSCO marketing associate will review with you. Each participating camp/conference center must agree to purchase 80 percent or more of its foodservice products from SYSCO. Camps/conferences must be CCCA members in good standing.

How do I know this program will really benefit our organization?

Complete the Buying Power Program Interest Form, and fax it to CCCA at (719) 260-6398. You will be under no obligation to participate. A SYSCO marketing associate will contact you in order for you to examine the savings expectations before enrolling.

What do I do if I have questions or issues?

As with any new program, there will be questions. Your primary contact is your SYSCO marketing associate. In the event that you have unresolved concerns, email Selina Shepherd, national account manager - hospitality for SYSCO Corporation, at, or call (801) 563-6294. SYSCO will then ensure that these issues are addressed. Contact Susan Marconi, national account executive for entegra Procurement Services, at (708) 790-4646 or by emailing to

What is CCCA’s role?

In exchange for these services, CCCA receives a small administrative fee from SYSCO (and entegra Procurement Services). If you would prefer not to participate in the manufacturer allowances program with entegra, please notify CCCA in writing of this preference within 30 days of signing up for the program.

Interested? Use the form to indicate interest and learn more about the program. Questions? Call us at (888) 922-2287, ext. 121, or email


  • Access to more than 800 national manufacturers
  • Your choice of brand label products your ministry knows, prefers and trusts
  • An array of manufacturer-direct programs for products and supplies such as uniforms, smallwares and specialty items
  • View our Brochure and Factsheet


  • Substantial deviated pricing on all Ecolab products
  • 24-7 emergency service on dish machines and dispensers
  • All product dispensers, wall charts, training and MSDS at no charge
  • Preventive maintenance on all dispensers and any property-owned dish machines
Read more about the Ecolab plan

Some CCCA members save as much as 25 percent on their cleaning and sanitizing chemical purchases from Ecolab. Ecolab offers a complete line of cleaning and sanitizing chemicals to CCCA members—whether your camp or conference is a current Ecolab customer or not.

Ecolab Benefits

With its ultra-concentrated, dispensed cleaning and sanitizing products, Ecolab, a partner in CCCA's Buying Power Program, can save you money and lower your risk profile for food-borne illnesses. The products can be delivered by your major distributor or directly by Ecolab if desired.

By using the combined buying power of CCCA's members and the new partnership of Ecolab and CCCA, you can save money while receiving the award-winning service for which Ecolab has become so well known.


To save your camp or conference money on cleaning and sanitizing chemicals, contact Tony Conrad, Ecolab's corporate accounts manager. Email to or call Tony at (303) 222-1720 or (618) 560-8389 (mobile) to learn more and sign up, and check out

  • Legally, you must have a license to show movies and videos at your camp
  • CVLI is authorized by over 1,000 Hollywood and Christian producers to provide the license you need
  • CCCA members receive a discounted licensing price
  • Need more information? Download the CVLI/CCCA Brochure.
  * DISCLAIMER: Effective January 1, 2020, Church Mutual Insurance Company has reorganized under Wisconsin law from a mutual insurance company to a stock insurance company within a mutual holding company structure. As a result of the restructuring, this material shall be updated with any reference to Church Mutual Insurance Company now Church Mutual Insurance Company, S.I. along with appropriate logos adding “, S.I.” to its picture.