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Guest Service Coordinator

Every staff member of Center Lake Bible Camp (CLBC) represents Jesus Christ and is a minister of the Gospel regardless of the department or position. The Bible states in I Peter that we are a holy priesthood, offering sacrifices to God through the work He has entrusted us to do. Scripture is clear that everything we do matters to God and He wants to use our service at CLBC to minister to others and glorify Jesus Christ. Whether cleaning cabins, repairing broken equipment, cooking food, answering phones, or leading Bible studies, we are all Christ’s ministers as we use our specific gifts. Romans 12 urges us as Christ’s body to use our different gifts as one unified team, knowing that we are all gifted with diverse talents, and we are to fully use them to minister and bless others. That is why, being a professing Christian, in belief and practice, is a necessary qualification for employment for this and any position at CLBC. The responsibilities in this position are to be carried out with a work ethic, attitude, and intent of representing Jesus Christ and maintaining a culture that speaks and lives the gospel.

With that as the basis for working here, this person will work to ensure the highest quality experience for the guests of CLBC.

Be a professing Christian in belief and practice, demonstrating regular growth as a disciple of Jesus Christ, in part through consistent involvement in a local church and regular study of God’s Word.
1. Eager to embrace your God-designed role as a minister of the Gospel.
2. Agree with and sign Center Lake Bible Camp’s Statement of Faith.
3. Eager to be equipped to share the Gospel with any guest who needs to know the truth for salvation.
4. Eager to participate in at least two required ministry equipping sessions each year with the entire staff.
5. Willingness to abide by the policies of the Center Lake Bible Camp’s Staff/Employee Handbook.
6. Be a self-starter, professional, energetic, detailed, and committed to the growth and development of Center Lake Bible Camp.
7. Have experience in and a heart for Christian hospitality.

1. Authority to accomplish this job is given by the Operations Director to whom you shall report.
2. Authority is given to purchase the equipment and materials necessary to accomplish this job. Any purchases will be made after consultation with the Operations Director whether they are budgeted items.
3. Authority is given to suspend any camp activity to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Whenever possible this should be done in consultation with the Operations Director or Executive Director.

1. Responsible to represent Jesus Christ in this position as a minister of the Gospel in approach and execution of your work and interaction with guests and other staff.
2. Responsible for attending staff meetings and other staff functions.
3. Responsible for participating in bi-annual ministry training sessions to become better equipped for ministry.
4. Responsible for working in cooperation with other staff members with a willingness to assist in other departments, should the need arise.
5. Responsible to be able to clearly share the Gospel using Scripture.
6. Responsible to put ministry to people over physical tasks when needed.
7. Responsible for the development of weekend retreats.
8. Responsible for working in conjunction with the Kitchen Supervisor, Housekeeping, and Program Director to ensure the needs of the guests are met.
9. Responsible for providing an accurate number of guests and assigning housing.
10. Responsible for the needs of the group while they are on camp grounds.
11. Responsible for other tasks as assigned by the Operations Director or Executive Director.

1. You will be paid a bi-weekly wage as set by the Executive Director.
2. Meals will be available when attendance is required.
3. The hours for each week of work are dependent on the needs of the camp.
4. Other benefits as outlined in the Staff/Employee Handbook.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Guest Services



Updated: 4/1/2024 1:01:24 PM

Job Contact:
Clair Barrows
(231) 829-3441

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