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Food Services Director/Head Cook

Live and work in the beautiful Black Hills!! Cedar Canyon Camp is located minutes from downtown Rapid City and a short drive to Mt. Rushmore and all that the Black Hills offers! Our goal is to show people Jesus in the Black Hills and beyond through Christian camping. Join our team as our Food Service Director / Head Cook!

The food service department is critical in the overall ministry of Cedar Canyon Camp. It’s unique ability to create an environment of fellowship over a shared meal while providing creative and eye catching meals that are delicious to every camper and guest are fundamental to the department while excellence in food quality, preparation and service are essential. The primary purpose of the Food Service Director/Head Cook(FSDHC) is to provide leadership, direction, and management of Cedar Canyon Camp’s food service department as well as serve as the Head Cook. The FSDHC will ensure that CCC meals and meal experience continues to be a highlight of the camp experience and more than just “a place to eat”. Every aspect of food service from prep to clean up will exude the ministry of CCC focusing on fellowship, intentional relationship building, creative menus, and quality food.

1. Be a dedicated Christian exemplifying a life that follows Jesus.
2. Be in agreement with the CCC statement of faith and policies.
3. Have a working knowledge of how a Christian camp functions
including food service and it’s implication in the Christian camp environment.
4. Have the ability to relate to and work well with all ages of people.
5. Be highly motivated, a self starter, and well organized.
6. Have supervisory skills for overseeing staff and volunteers.
7. Have the basic understanding of food service within the context
of Christian camping
8. Possess or be able to obtain ‘Food Safe’ certification

Goals Of CCC Food Service:
1. To create an environment where people can meet God in a real and personal way through our food service at CCC.
2. To serve nutritious meals are served in a clean, non-threatening
atmosphere where Christian fellowship can take place
3. To provide balanced meals that our guests will like, while
encouraging the stewardship of food continuing to create new meals and menus that will cater to the need of each individual group while also displaying creativity in meal/menu choice while also taking into account specific allergy/meal needs.
4. To provide a safe place to work and a sanitary place to prepare
and serve food
5. To produce the best possible food at the lowest possible cost to
ensure camper/guest affordability

1. Be responsible for the food service department at CCC
including kitchen/dining hall oversight, food preparation, handling, and disposal, and all food service sanitary issues
2. Be responsible to supervise food service staff and volunteer workers
3. Be responsible for organizing and implementing all routine food
service needs
4. Work with the Camp Director to prepare an annual food service
budget based on current/future food service needs
5. Be responsible for food service staff hiring and training working
with the Camp Director
6. Be available for retreat hosting as needed
7. Attend weekly staff meetings
8. Be responsible to recruit volunteers for food service
9. Meet regularly with the Camp Director to provide status
updates and share food service needs/ideas
10. Suggest ideas to update and improve camp food service
11. Seek some form of continuing education each year
12. Attend the CCCA sectional as possible based on camp needs
13. Assist in other areas during down time in the off season
primarily in housekeeping and the office as needed
14. Other responsibilities as delegated or required by the Assistant Director

Specific Responsibilities:
1. Maintain a clean, safe, and sanitary working and dining
environment in the kitchen and dining hall and any other food service areas
2. Plan and research menus keeping in mind group needs, creative and nutrition, as well as health concerns of
campers/guests, food/prep cost, and personnel needs whenever possible
3. Keep inventory lists up to date continuously maintaining a
limited inventory based on usage and specific group needs
4. Have a pro-active approach to food service rather than a
reactive approach
-Identify specific food service needs and develop
systems, strategic plans, and/or procedures to fulfill these needs and implement them
5. Provide regular written and/or oral status reports to Assistant Director
6. Work within an approved budget to accomplish all food service needs
7. Utilize volunteers as much as possible-
-seek new ways to better utilize volunteers
-ensure that volunteers are appreciated and desire to come back
-make sure that all volunteers and jobs are well organized
and monitored for safety
8. Ensure that the food service department is in strict adherence
to all applicable laws and regulations whenever possible i.e. South Dakota Department of Health, ACA regulations, CCCA guidelines, and any other governing regulatory entities applicable
9. Order Snack Shop/Coffee shop items as requested by the Assistant Director
10. Work with Camp Director to develop food service strategic
plan/long range plans
11. During the off season, as needed, other work in other areas
may be required especially in the areas of housekeeping, maintenance, and office needs
11. Other responsibilities as delegated or required by the Assistant Director

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



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Brittany Nichols

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