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Team Two:Three Gap Year Student

The TWO:THREE GAP YEAR is an opportunity for 18-24 year olds to take NINE MONTHS to deepen their Christian faith, leadership skills, and life skills. They will participate in ministry first-hand through servant leadership at Tejas as well as fall and spring service projects. While exploring the world through adventure and educational trips around the country, lifelong friendships and memories will be formed. We know there are many options when it comes to what to do next at this stage in your life.

We know there is college, work, and many other Gap Year opportunities. What sets Tejas apart is that we strive to focus on SERVICE and DISCIPLESHIP, giving you foundations to take this into the next phase of your life. Not only is this done without cost to you, but we even pay you!

The FALL SEMESTER focuses on inward growth and building a deeper foundation of your understanding of your faith and the Church. You will learn about various denominations, how to pray deeper, how to study scripture better, and live out being a follower of Jesus.

The SPRING SEMESTER focuses on outward living through understanding differing worldviews, how to interact with them, service to the world and interacting in non-christian environments.

When you leave the program, it is our desire that you will have a firm foundation of what and why you believe, how to take that into the world, and how to lead others – both in your personal journeys of faith, and in the world at large.

Contact for questions or visit for more information and to apply.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Gap Year



Updated: 4/8/2024 4:22:24 PM

Job Contact:
Josh Cunningham
(979) 366-2422

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Why work at Tejas:

We look for believers who have a desire to grow in their walk with Christ and as a result, have a passion to serve our guests.

1038 Private Road 2191
    Giddings, TX 78942

(979) 366-2422

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