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High Adventure or Aquatics Program Coordinator

If you are flexible, fun loving, adaptable, and willing to share yourself and your talents with our community then Camp Henry is for you. If you love the great outdoors and building life-long friendships, then we have a place for you to belong. If you can facilitate a group of 15 in the morning, make an announcement at lunch, lead a different group of 15 in the afternoon and run a large night activity after dinner, all with a smile on your face, then Camp Henry is definitely for you. Finally, if you believe that you can help others connect with God through play, nature, laughter, community connection and campfires then Camp Henry is for you.

We are excited to welcome a new Program Coordinator to join our year-round staff as early as February, 2024 as we look forward to challenging Camp Henry’s potential and the exciting opportunities ahead. The Program Coordinator will provide leadership in one of our key program areas of High Adventure or Aquatics and will support other program areas: Environmental Education, Outdoor Education, Team Building, or Tripping. This is a year round, full time position with benefits. Housing is also included as well as a yearly salary of $26,000.
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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 2/8/2024 9:58:15 AM

Job Contact:
Jeff Jacobs
(616) 459-2267

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Why work at Camp Henry:

Camp Henry has a wide variety of employment opportunities, from seasonal and weekends to summer, part-time and full-time. Camp Henry is more than just a great place for campers and guests, it is a great place to work! We hire a staff of fun-loving, servant-minded, and hard-working Christians, with a strong desire to provide outstanding guest and camper services and committed to helping make the world a better place and changing lives. Camp Henry is a ministry of Westminster Presbyterian Church in Grand Rapids, Michigan and has been serving families and children for over 80 years. In the Winter, Spring, and Fall we provide programs and retreats for thousands of participants and guests- so there really is no, “off season," for us. During the summer we offer residential and day camps for youth from ages 5 to 17. While we are very much a Christian Camp and intentional and concerned about providing a Christian environment, we also are committed to serving all campers and guests that attend. We do not assume, require, or expect that all of our campers and guests are Christians, yet, our hope and goal is to be Christian toward everyone that we serve. We expect that all staff members will be excellent role models, who will walk alongside, help, and encourage campers and guests to grow in their faith.

5575 Gordon Avenue
    Newaygo, MI 49337-9735

(616) 459-2267

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