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Projects Manager

If you have experience managing construction and remodel projects, a patient yet passionate drive for bringing multi step visions to life, with courageous integrity to see that work is done with excellence, and a desire to live and serve in a remote mountain setting alongside a team of leaders who love the camp experience, please consider applying for this position.

This is a full time year around position. Pay and benefits will vary based on experience.

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Responsible to: Executive Director
General Responsibility: To oversee new construction, remodel and other improvement projects at camp.
Vision of Success: Serving Christ by ensuring that our facilities, grounds, and infrastructure meet the needs of present and future campers, guest groups, staff, and volunteers.

As a Management Team Member at El Porvenir, You Agree to:
- Goal Selection: Choose goals based on priority, relevance, experience, and knowledge of current realities while also anticipating consequences and outcomes.
- Planning and Organization: Generate steps and a sequence of behaviors that will lead to goal achievement, estimating what will be needed along the way, including resources, and create a strategy to pull it off.
- Initiation and Persistence: Begin and maintain goal-directed behavior despite intrusions, distractions, or changes in the demands of the task at hand.
- Flexibility: Exercise the ability to be adaptable, think strategically, and solve problems by creating solutions as things change around you, shifting attention and plans as needed.
- Execution and Goal Attainment: Exhibit the ability to execute the plan within the limits of time and other constraints.
- Self-regulation: Use self-observation to monitor performance, self-judgment to evaluate performance, and self-regulation to change in order to reach the goal.
- Delegation: Recognize and perform your role when a job is too big to handle alone.

- Active in a local church, holy lifestyle, committed to ministry.
- High school diploma required, with some college or technical school work preferred.
- Experience in project management and a strong familiarity with construction trades, facility operations, and resident camping program needs.
- Previous experience as a licensed contractor preferred.
- Experience in supervising the work of others.
- Demonstrated ability to get along well with people and be “guest minded” at all times.
- Demonstrated ability to work alone in an isolated wilderness setting.
- Alignment with our statement of beliefs and organizational essentials including shared core values, a sense of personal calling to our mission, a commitment to our vision.

Specific Responsibilities:
- Oversee all the construction, remodel, and improvement projects at camp.
- Share the occasional duties of site manager and host.
- Hire/recruit employees, volunteers, and contractors when needed.
- Supervise employees, volunteers, and contractors and lead scheduled work groups.
- Follow all applicable codes and safety regulations, fostering positive relationships with government agencies to ensure compliance.
- Make recommendations for site improvements, provide counsel related to project inquiries from camp service departments, and provide cost estimates to aid annual budget planning.
- See that equipment and vehicles are maintained and housed appropriately.
- Lead the implementation of the master site plan and participate in phase planning.
- Order project supplies and check delivery; forward invoices/receipts to office.
- Be willing to assist with emergency maintenance responsibilities.
- Facilitate camp activities on occasion (paintball, ropes, rappelling, campfire, etc.)
- Help in the kitchen when needed while groups are in camp, especially in off season.
- Assist with turnover days including cleaning.
- Help maintain the health of our forest, creek, trails, and other natural features.
- Responsibilities beyond the scope of this job description may be occasionally required.

Essential Functions:
- Be able to drive all camp owned vehicles and operate all camp equipment
- Have the necessary physical strength to carry out projects (e.g., to lift heavy objects, to dig by hand, to load and unload trucks, to carry out needed tasks)
- Visually identify hazards, needed remediation, and necessary cleaning throughout the camp property, and be able to respond appropriately
- Be an advocate and fan of our camp
- Spend within an annual budget or receive approval to spend above the budget

Compensation and benefits:
- Full time employment, hourly wages paid every 2 weeks via direct deposit
- Paid time off that accrues each pay period up to 3.6 weeks in the first year with 1 day added every 2 years of employment up to a maximum of 5.2 weeks annually. As such, the starting rate is 2.77 hours per week.
- Benefits: Annual SEP IRA retirement contribution at 8% of wages.
- Camp vehicles may be used for personal reasons only to compensate for use of personal vehicles for camp errands and purposes
- Meals when meal service is offered for the employee and their immediate family. Access to food inventory and dining hall supplies may be used for personal reasons with approval from food service manager.
- Compensation/benefits are subject to annual review and may change.

Expected work schedule and paid time off summary:
- The annual work period is January 1 - Dec 31.
- Hours should be submitted by Monday following the end of each Sun-Sat pay period
- Typical week is 5 work days and 2 days off with some flexibility. Days off are usually grouped together, but Saturdays and Sundays are often required work days.
- Occasional overtime hours will be required, especially during the summer season. - Estimate between 100-200 overtime hours per year. Overtime is any hours worked over 40 hours in a Sunday-Saturday period and is paid at 1 ½ times regular hourly rate.
- Unless traveling out of area, "on call" duty in an emergency should be assumed. When traveling, substitute maintenance on call should be arranged.
- Paid Time Off (PTO) will accrue every full pay period according to the current PTO rate. First year employee PTO rate is based on 144 working hours per year (3.6 weeks) with 8 additional hours added every 2 years to a maximum of 208 working hours (5.2 weeks) per year. No more than 5 days PTO may be taken from May 1st to August 10th.
- Up to 80 unused hours PTO may be carried over year to year.
- Employees are paid for the PTO they have accrued at employment end.
- Scheduled PTO is subject to approval by your supervisor. Your supervisor may require you to take PTO in December if it is accrued excessively.

*In 2022, the camp suffered damages from the Hermit's Peak Calf Canyon Wildfire. Due to the loss of a Forest Service bridge that provides road access into the camp, our ministry is currently experiencing about 1/3 of previous operations being limited to periods of low water flows which occur seasonally. We currently expect the bridge to be rebuilt in mid-late 2025. The camp normally provides housing on site, but will assist with housing off site until the bridge is rebuilt. This position will lead the rebuilding initiative including supporting contractors building multiple structures over the next few years.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



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Job Contact:
Nathan Stafford
(505) 425-6022

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Why work at El Porvenir Christian Camp:

Be a part of impacting countless young souls with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. We are looking for hard working individuals who love playing in the mountains and desire to do so to God's Glory!

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