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Store Manager/Marketing

Come Join our amazing Team! We are located in Southeast Missouri and we are growing. We invite you to apply for this pivotal position!

Job Title: Camp Store/Marketing Manager
Direct Report: Administrator
Job Purpose: To fulfill our mission of inspiring Christ-like change by overseeing, developing, and guiding the overall management, marketing strategy and plan for our camp store, this is a key position within Eagle Sky with the responsibility to support all strategic goals, business objectives while coordinating with other departments to improve Eagle Sky of the Ozarks overall effectiveness. Must know retail general merchandise sales, acquire and learn marketing methodology for the store that works for camps in addition to understanding the Eagle Sky culture and values.
• Must have a personal relationship with Jesus that demonstrates the Lordship of Christ and models servant spiritual leadership for all staff
• Be a spiritual leader and example for all year-round, volunteer, and summer staff including supervising the summer staff assigned to the store and organizing the devotional time in that department along with guiding them towards their maximum performance.
• Must be able to handle and balance seasons of intense time commitments and demands of the camping environment
• Highly organized and self-motivated person who takes initiative without prompting to organize all store operation and allocate responsibilities to personnel. You must inspect the areas in the store and resolve any issues/complaints that might arise, from staff to guests to purveyors to maintain the stores reputation.
• Willingness to market special events in the community, such as the heritage festival, 4th of July events, etc.
• Must possess a ministry-minded mentality when interacting with all campers of Eagle Sky and be willing to go beyond job descriptions to meet the needs of campers. This servant minded individual with an analytical mind and familiarity with data analysis principles will seek to enhance every campers experience.
• The Camp Store/Marketing Manager is responsible to train and manage the store staff as well as manage their schedule as the Eagle Sky year round calendar dictates. They will also initiate and cultivate relationships with staff members through participation in camp activities, meetings, and fellowship time along with working as a team with the different departments that serve here.
• The Camp Store/Marketing manager is responsible for maintaining the camp store along with developing and overseeing the internet sales, which includes making sure that the merchandise is stocked, straightened, and that the store is clean and presentable.
• The Camp Store/Marketing manager will watch for trends in camp sales and customer feedback to educate staff in the best way to market with that data. They must keep abreast of market trends to determine the need for improvements in the store.
• The Camp Store/Marketing manager requires retail display design experience to plan and oversee in-store promotional events or displays along with the store customer experience
• The Camp Store/Marketing manager must be experienced with Word, Excel programs as well as excellent knowledge of retail management software MS, RMS. You must have an analytical mind and familiarity with data analysis principles. Have the ability to learn how to order directly from the manufacturers for high volume items and wholesale ordering experience highly desired. They must understand different fabrics, pattern, styles, fabric weight, as well as capable of designing customized patterns, logo, packaging, labeling, etc.
• The Camp Store/Marketing manager will order products for camp store that will enhance and promote the ministry of Eagle Sky of the Ozarks Christian Challenge Camps. This includes entering item details, barcoding into the store management system and is capable of analyzing sales data to maximize sales and efficiency.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager is responsible for the register drawers by keeping them balanced, equipped with change and knowing where the drawer keys are located.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager needs to be knowledgeable of all the merchandise and location within the camp store. They must also be aware of the inventory in the store, along with the warehouse as you manage inventory control and notify the Camp Administrator of ordering needs as they monitor stock levels, purchases and ensure that they stay in budget. You will analyze sales and revenue reports and make forecasts reporting them to the Administrator. They must prepare and control the stores budget aiming for minimum expenditure and efficiency.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager will be responsible for knowing the store hours operating schedule along with communicating that to the store staff, as well as schedule changes, therefore, must be adaptable.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager is responsible for the radio located in the store as well as any updates that may affect the store staff.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager is responsible for the vehicle that is designated for the store and will not allow summer staff to drive it unless the Administrator has approved that specific person.

• This is not an all exhaustive list of duties; a more complete list will be given as well as willingness to help other departments as needed for the ministry as a whole. The mission and vision of Eagle Sky of the Ozarks Christian Challenge Camp ministry, along with the safety of our guests is of upmost priority in each and every position here at Eagle Sky.

• The Camp Store/Marketing manager must ensure that the store fulfils all legal health and safety guidelines

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Business/Operations



Updated: 2/13/2024 6:31:21 PM

Job Contact:
Linda Graham
(573) 287-3288

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