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Executive Director

Executive Director
Mount Elim Bible Camp and Retreat Center

Mt. Elim
Mt. Elim Christian Camp and Retreat Center is relaunching in 2024! Located in Routt County, about 30 miles south of Steamboat Springs, Mt. Elim calls home one of the most spectacular mountain camping areas in Colorado. Mt. Elim has been sharing the good news of Jesus with youth and adult campers for decades.

Mission – A Place of Adventure, Encounter, and Impact!
Mt. Elim is a place to encounter His Presence, where rest results in restoration, and we are equipped, through adventure, to bring healing and generational transformation to our region. Words like “Encounter, Adventure, Impact” exemplify our purpose of bringing transformation to our region through encountering the good news of Jesus.

Having closed our doors during the pandemic, Mt. Elim is positioned to re-launch in 2024. We are seeking an individual or couple with passion and experience to lead us forward into the spectacular future God has for us. This is a rare opportunity to take an existing camp and retreat center and create compelling vision and connective story that develops partnership with communities, churches, families, and individuals. This connection is not only to Mt. Elim’s meaningful past but also its impactful future.

Position Overview
The Executive Director will provide overall creative vision and empowering leadership for the operations, promotion, and fundraising of Mt. Elim.
This person or couple will empower and encourage the creation, development, and ongoing effectiveness of all programs and activities. The Executive Director is also responsible for developing financial support and resources as well as ongoing Kingdom partnership with churches and families in the region and throughout the state of Colorado. The Director will be the face of Mt. Elim’s ministry to the community and will be highly relational in its approach to creating vision, programming, securing financial partnerships and ministry partners.
The board of directors at Mt. Elim functions in an advisory and accountability capacity empowering healthy leadership and strategic structure in the role of Executive Director. The Executive Director reports to the board on a consistent basis as defined by the board.

Essential Qualifications
1. Is devoted follower of Jesus Christ who exudes that faith in his/her life and leadership.
2. Is a person respected by others for his/her integrity and character.
3. Is passionate about and recognizes the value of camping and retreat mission and ministry.
4. Has proven experience in organizational leadership.
5. Is an effective and well-rounded communicator, possessing proven public relations and fundraising skills.
6. Is experienced in operations management, including oversight of budgets.
7. Is a person of vision who can help lead the Board and staff in evaluating the current program and guiding the future development of the ministry.
8. Is flexible and accommodating to the time and fluctuating demands of a camp and retreat operations.

Preferred Qualifications
1 Prior Leadership position in a camping ministry.
2 Prior Leadership in fundraising or development.
3 Prior Leadership in church or non-profit organization.
4 Ability to connect and communicate verbally and in writing.
5 Ability to share the vision and purpose of Mt. Elim to churches, families, and individuals.
6 Organized, honest, self-starter with passion for the transformation of families and regions.

Job Responsibilities
1 The Executive Director will agree with the mission of Mt. Elim and be a proponent of its approach to Christ-centered spiritual formation and encounter-oriented adventure programming.
2 The Executive Director will serve as a key communicator of the mission of Mt Elim to various constituencies including individuals, churches, local organizations, government units, and other organizations.
3 The Executive Director will pursue healthy relationships with potential donors, financial investors, and Kingdom partners keeping diligent records of emerging donor relations, pledges, contributions, and strategic direction in further development of resources.
4 The Executive Director will prioritize certain goals in conjunction with the board of directors and the most urgent needs of Mt. Elim to function according to its mission.
5 The Executive Director is responsible for ensuring all camp licensing regulations and legal requirements are met and that a safe environment is maintained for all campers, guests, and staff while maintaining proper risk management procedures in compliance with accepted standards in the camping industry.
6. The Executive Director will be responsible for general maintenance during camp season as well as creating priorities for necessary repairs or additions within their capabilities and connecting with professionals, with Board approval, for those jobs that exceed their capabilities.
7. The Executive Director will live on-sight at Mt. Elim from May-October (6 months) each year in the Directors home in order to manage the property as well as plan, implement, and supervise programming and rental groups.
8. The Executive Director will develop the website and a calendar of events, camps, and retreats during the months of on-site living.
9. The Executive Director is not a Board member but will report regularly to the Board about progress toward organizational objectives, the financial status of the organization, and other issues of concern to the Board.
10. The Executive Director will perform other responsibilities as necessary or as assigned by the Board of Directors.

The Executive Director is responsible for raising his/her salary
The Executive Director is an independent contractor whose income will be a percentage of the revenues/funds raised for Mt. Elim’s operations by grants and donation. As the Executive Director, you will receive 20% of the documented funds raised for general funds or specific projects for Mt. Elim as the direct result of your efforts. You will receive 20% up to $100,000 annually potential commission. Commissions will be paid periodically but no less frequently than quarter-annually. Additional work-related expenses will be considered for reimbursement. Once Mt Elim is financially able you will be paid a set salary and no longer be commissioned directly through funds as they are raised.

To apply please send cover letter, resume and recommendations to:
1 Cover letter should include an explanation of your interest in the position and why your skills would be a good fit.
2 Resume should include list of work history and reference letters from three different individuals including 1) Past employer/co-worker, 2) Mentor/Pastor, 3) Friend.

Time: Full-Time Year-Round - Salary: Raised or Commissioned - Category: Executive Director

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Must Raise Full Support
Category:  Executive Director



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Job Contact:
Andrew Golike
(970) 261-3308

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