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Camp Counselor

Position Function:
To help carry out the primary purposes of YouthHope (YH) under the direction of the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director through leading groups of children and teens, assisting in leading camp activities, and providing support to fellow counselors.

Primary Responsibilities:
• Talk personally to each camper in your group and give them the opportunity to make a spiritual decision.
• Be sensitive to the emotional, physical and spiritual needs of your campers, find out “the story behind the story”.
• Serve together with C.I.T. and be an example of leadership to them.
• Every other week serve as program staff setting up activities and leading various programs.

Position Duties:
• Provide leadership, example and lifestyle of Jesus Christ.
• Abide by and cooperate with camp policies to set the tone of camp and help your campers do the same.
• Be a part of your group without being one of them. Campers look to the counselor for friendship, but also for authority.
• Lead daily devotions.
• Be responsible for the conduct of your campers.
• Encourage cleanliness in camper’s personal habits and in the bedroom.
• Encourage promptness throughout the day, including lights-out time.
• Put the well-being of the campers before your own personal desires.
• Work cooperatively with other counselors and staff.
• Live in the housing and eat the meals provided by Camp Summit.
• Perform additional tasks and duties assigned by the Camp Director and Assistant Camp Director.

Position Requirements:
• Passionate about sharing Christ with children and youth.
• Must be at least 18 years old and one year removed from high school.
• Energetic and creative with strong multi-tasking abilities.
• Ability to use positive behavior management techniques with campers and an ability to adapt to difficult situations with a sense of maturity, safety, tact and poise.
• Participate in raising support for the ministry.

Position Compensation:

• Option 1
Receive up to $5,000 during the summer based on days worked and support raised. Receive a stipend of $1000 from YouthHope. Receive up to another $4,000 from personal fundraising done through and with guidance from YH. Any additional money received after $4,000 will be given to YH as a donation. Pay periods are bi-weekly.

• Option 2
Receive a weekly salary starting at $420 per week paid bi-weekly. Personal fundraising is required.

• Both Options Include Food and lodging during the week.
Arranged housing on weekends (if requested).

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Counseling



Updated: 11/2/2023 9:18:29 PM

Job Contact:
Kathy Ramp

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Why work at Camp Summit:

You have the opportunity to bring the hope of Jesus Christ to low-income kids and teens in the Quad Cities through the beautiful setting which is Camp Summit.

3321 57th Ave
    New Windsor, IL 61465

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