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Guest Services Manager

Position Mission: To understand and manage the expectations of all arriving guest groups and their leaders. The guest services manager also ensures that the staff has the tools and knowledge to exceed the expectations of the guests.

Primary Competencies
• Has a growing relationship with Jesus, which is evidenced by love for God and love for others.
• Warm and Welcoming. Has a very welcoming personality and loves greeting and interacting with people they don’t know.
• Service minded. Willing to do almost anything legal, safe, and ethical to meet a guest’s needs.
• Detail oriented. Able to keep track of multiple details from multiple groups and ensure that guest expectations are met.

Primary Outcomes
• Establish a connection with every group leader before they arrive, understand what their needs are for the retreat, and help them make their retreat/camp as great as it can be.
• Maintain a YTD rolling average of 9 or higher on the staff/guest services, meeting room, and grounds/recreation categories of the guest survey.
• Be the primary guest services worker and ensure that all other guest services staff understand guest expectations and always maintain service standards.
• Build and maintain relationships with church leaders so that 70 % of the groups rebook for the next year.
• Help with marketing and sales efforts to ensure that our occupancy goals are met.

In relation to other staff:
The guest services manager is a peer to all the other department managers and works in concert with them and the director to ensure that every guest that comes leaves happy.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Guest Services



Updated: 11/3/2023 8:39:15 PM

Job Contact:
Phil Lee
(603) 469-3236

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We seek to inspire, equip, and encourage Christian leaders to create great camps and retreats for the sake of the Church in New England. If you love hospitality, love the Church, and have spiritual gifts of service, this is the camp for you!

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