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Summer Camp Job - Health Services Associate

Establish and maintain a nurse’s station to serve the health needs of campers and staff during the camp season.

Collect from parents all medications (prescription and over-the-counter) that are to be left for campers at registration.
Collect any medications that campers have brought for themselves
Review the health history of each child: talk with parents to complete the information regarding the child’s physical condition, medications, or allergies that require special care or attention
Report any special health conditions to the camp operator
Alert Cabin Leaders to any known medical problems or medication needs of their campers
Administer medications to campers and staff.
Give first aid for all minor and major injuries to campers and staff.
Meet with sick campers and staff in the infirmary.
Pray with sick campers or staff as needed: pray for the needs and concerns of both the individual and camp Timber-lee.
Assess and treat illnesses, with referrals to a local physician, when necessary.
Contact campers’ parents regarding medical treatment, questions, concerns, or for consent.
Transport patients to the doctor’s office or emergency room.
Maintain positive relationships with physicians, pharmacy and hospital.
Keep a log of patient problems and treatment.
Schedule 24-hour nursing care.
Obtain food from the kitchen for sick campers or staff.
Fill first aid boxes for various departments.
Keep the first aid station clean and well stocked: Order and maintain adequate nursing supplies in the infirmary and first aid kits.
Maintain financial records of doctor and pharmacy bills of campers and staff; work with the Business Services Office to accomplish quick payments.
Collect medical cards from the staff, ensuring appropriate information is provided.
Give the camper orientation to the nursing department during the Sunday evening meeting.
Be involved with support staff devotions whenever possible; conduct area devotions on assigned days.
Take inventory at the beginning and end of the season.
Update the nursing manual as needed.
Complete the end-of-summer evaluation.
Assist with managing community health for the camp as a whole.


Is a professing Christian, committed to a Christian lifestyle in keeping with the biblical model.
Strives to demonstrate the Christian lifestyle in thought, attitude, actions and behavior; strives to model a personal faith in Jesus Christ by exhibiting the Fruit of the Spirit.
Exhibits a sincere love for the Lord; desires to see people come to know Him personally and grow in their faith.

Agrees with, and supports, Timber-lee Ministries’ philosophy and policies.
Demonstrates excellent work ethic; excels at providing quality guest experiences.
Understands and exhibits behaviors and skills needed to function in, and be accountable in, a team environment.
Shows a positive and cooperative attitude of ministry to the position, guests, and fellow employees.

Possesses one of the following Wisconsin licensures : physician, physician assistant, RN, LPN; Wisconsin state-licensed or state-certified EMT and/or paramedic, First Responder; or is a sophomore-level (or higher) nursing student (if supervised by an RN).
Has prior hospital, field, and/or first-aid experience.
Has excellent communication skills and the ability to teach and lead others.
Is able to share the gospel with others; is able to pray with others.
Has a current valid driver’s license with a three-year clean driving record.
Can traverse the multi-terrain campgrounds.

Candidates must be at least 21 years of age at time of hire to be considered for this position.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Healthcare



Updated: 10/17/2023 11:47:15 AM

Job Contact:
Abby Hannula
(262) 642-7345

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Located in East Troy, Camp Timber-lee is a year-round operational camp with over 600 acres. We serve schools, churches, retreat groups and individuals with a multitude of activities! Our mission is to create engaging communities where each young person encounters Christ through a dynamic camp experience. Come join the team committed to this purpose!

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