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Foodservice Director

About Us
Camp Eagle started in 1999. We are located in a truly wild and beautiful place in the hill country of Texas. Camp is blessed to steward 1,400 acres along the headwaters of the spring-fed Nueces River and filled with limestone cliffs, woods, trails, and wildlife.

We are all about our Mission.
We exist to: Inspire Christ-like change through, Outdoor Adventure, Authentic Relationships, and Biblical Truth.

Our Playbook and everything we do is built around this. It is woven into the daily fabric of our work here.

We operate year-round with multiple summer and retreat-season programs at our 1,000-bed facility.

Who We Are
Our remote location deepens our community. With roughly 100 people living on-site, co-workers become neighbors, and neighbors become friends. This is a missional community and togetherness is very important to us. Our community is special, and it is a big part of why many of our staff serve here.

This also strengthens our culture which is evident throughout this ministry and our community. A few things about our culture stand out.

We highly value a vibrant relationship with Christ and serving people out of the strength of that relationship. We’re not just a ministry; we love Jesus.
We know who we are and we do our best to talk about that often to stay on the same page with the big picture.

Dreaming is in our DNA. We don’t pretend to know everything, so we often spend time dreaming up new solutions and opportunities. This is often true in individual jobs as well. If you love the freedom to find solutions and create opportunities, you’ll love that part of your job.

We tend to value mindset over skill set. If you enjoy collaborating and problem-solving rather than doing what you’ve always done, the way you’ve always done it, you’ll fit right in.

Adventure gets us excited. Many of our staff always have the next adventure in the works or are ready to join one after work. Whether that’s camping, mountain biking, climbing, kayaking, hiking, exploring caves, fishing, etc - most staff are down to join any adventure you’re cooking up.

What It’s Like To Work Here

On Our Best Days

- We brainstorm. We’re coming up with new ideas, solving problems, and planning together.
- We serve alongside each other. Often, we are dropping our normal job to do something different: pitching in to help each other. Those are the breaks between our normal work that bring us together.
- We play together. We’re sharing a good meal, playing board games in the evenings, celebrating something, playing at the river, or camping at Big Bend.
- We reconnect to why we are here. Whether we are jumping in on a summer staff training or helping with some programming we have that touchstone to why we do this. We solve problems through the lens of our mission statement and playbook.
- We enjoy hearing about a ministry moment for how someone was inspired towards Christ-like change through camp.

On Our Not-So-Best Days
- We get caught up in the “tyranny of the urgent”, especially during busy seasons.
- We self-inflict this by our desire to dream up new things to serve our guests and sometimes this affects some staff more than others which can be frustrating.
- We can become siloed sometimes during a busy season.

There’s a lot of beauty in a community that lives and works in close proximity but it magnifies the need for healthy reconciliation.

Mission Statement
To inspire Christ-like change through Outdoor Adventure, Authentic Relationships and Biblical Truth.

What We Believe
For a detailed description of what we believe, please visit our website

Job Purpose
To fulfill our mission by providing all guests and staff of all programs with meals for the duration of the program which at least 95% of our guests enjoy while considering the quality and efficiency of production.

Job Duties
Assist with meal prep and clean for the 15,000+ yearly guests of all six programs (River’s Edge Group Camp, Headwaters Individual Camp, Eagle Quest Wilderness Program, Walkabout Discipleship Program, Retreats, and Journey for Schools), working alongside and managing all FT staff that may work in the kitchen, summer kitchen staff, and Walkabout that are working in the kitchen. Overseeing and participating in cleaning projects and managerial tasks necessary for food service upkeep (changing fryer shortening, cleaning grease traps, taking inventory, etc.).

Responsible for cleanliness, readiness, and effectiveness of foodservice locations and operations as determined by the Food Service Director. Responsible for documenting various aspects of food service (i.e. waste, temperatures, shelf life, and more) in order to make the department more efficient.

Other responsibilities could include corresponding with service team members, overseeing the service team program, helping out with growth project research and implementation, developing & maintaining recipes, various training, doing dish cleans, preparing meals.

- Assist in the hiring, transfer, promotion, demotion, or dismissal of full time food service staff
- Oversee the hiring and documentation and when needed, dismissal, of seasonal food service staff including international seasonal staff during the summer season
- Hold weekly team meetings for clarity of goals and job requirements, looking to the upcoming needs for food service
- Create and communicate staff schedules or develop system for staff scheduling at least 2 weeks ahead of first scheduled work day
- Ensure kitchen is properly staffed
- Train and coach staff as needed according to their job description OR ensure the provision of necessary trainings
- Often hold in-services for staff to keep skills and knowledge up to date
- Train staff on professional guest service and interaction - according to our mission, vision, and values
- Often hold staff accountable to professional interaction with guests – providing in-services to increase their skills in this area
- Hold weekly tactical meetings with each full-time food services team member according to the provided tactical template
- Monitor staff schedules for efficiencies, ability to meet guests needs, and health of staff members
- Establish and implement policies and procedures for staff safety and risk management
- Ensure full-time food service staff create a Knowledge List according to template
- Encourage staff to seek out training according to low ranking areas in their Knowledge List, increasing their skills and knowledge over time, within budgetary means

Menu Development:
- Oversee continual development of a menu and recipes that are clear, consistent, full of good information, preferably with pictures
- Oversee continual development of recipes based off of data collected on-site working towards recipes that specify the exact amount of food needed to be prepped for each menu item for that given meal for that given group type; adjust data as needed in conjunction with waste tracking information
- Oversee development of a price-tiered menu
- Create feasibility standards for how tiered meals should be chosen and priced for guests
- Monitor menu and calendar for number of outdoor meals, standard meals, 2nd tier standard meals, and 3rd tier standard meals, and custom meals – ensuring we are following the above standard
- Communicate tiered menu, standard, and results of monitoring to supervisor
- Often lobby for food service feedback from guests, staff, and kitchen staff
- Provide a way for food service feedback at all times, providing education for others on the process for food service feedback
- Perform or oversee testing and sampling of new menu items and monitor guest surveys for satisfaction of current and new food offerings while ensuring only 5% of items are being tested with staff and/or guests
- Create system for common sense checks during menu planning to make sure guests don’t eat too many of the same type of meal
- Annually revisit procedures to serve guests and staff with food allergies; determine how to help themselves in basic ways to heat and store food – balancing minimal direct staff involvement with serving guests and staff well

- Oversee food ordering and inventory
- Follow proper receiving, storage, and preparation techniques to insure that all food items are maintained at a high quality until consumed
- Food inventory and ordering
- Monitor and hold staff accountable to using systems for inventory and ordering

Food Production & Sanitization:
- Oversee development of written policies and procedures to ensure that food is prepared and served in a sanitary and safe environment
- Ensure a legally compliant work and dining environment at all times
- Oversee development of and implement of written standard operational procedures for efficient and effective food preparation and distribution
- Ensure equipment is in good working condition
- Communicate with supervisor and director of maintenance department early and often for equipment problems or needs
- Ensure enough dishes and other materials are on hand for the coming seasonal
- Sample food from the line for taste and oversee this happening with lead preps, making notes weekly on how to improve recipes over time
- Oversee development of written cleaning practices that ensure a high degree of cleanliness; clear and organized, preferably with pictures
- Ensure cleaning practices are being used by creating a system for accountability and overseeing accountability happening
- Oversee development of written food prep instructions that are clear and consistent with lots of good information, preferably with pictures
- Ensure food preparation instructions are being used by creating a system for accountability and overseeing accountability happening
- Oversee development of written table setting standards that are clear and consistent with lots of good information, preferably including pictures, focusing on creating a professional environment in keeping with our camp aesthetic
- Ensure table setting instructions are being used by creating a system for accountability and overseeing accountability is happening
- Oversee development of written plating standards for each food item served – taking into account the need to reduce trips to the line but also to reduce food waste in the dining hall which might also increase trips to the line
- Ensure plating instructions are being used by creating a system for accountability and overseeing accountability is happening
- Assist with critical tasks for food prep and clean from time to time to ensure expectations of your staff are inspected by you
- Provide a way for non-scheduled staff to join the preparation and cleaning of meals in a safe, legal, and helpful way – if they desire
- Oversee development of a standard and schedule for deep cleans of all food service things
- Ensure standard and schedule for deep cleans are being followed
- Co-create a plan with the maintenance department for fly and pest control
- Co-create a plan with the maintenance department for regular communication about effectiveness of pest control plan
- Ensure cleaning standards go beyond the kitchen, into dining areas, the “Alley”, walk-in fridge/freezer, vehicles, storage closets, under and behind equipment, and remote kitchens

Customer Service:
- Oversee development of and implementation of written quality standards for the presentation and service of food at tables, lines, and salad/cereal/drink bars
- Monitor guest surveys for food service responses - responding often to guests that respond negatively in a way that attempts to win them over or at least let them know they’ve been heard
- Ensure comfortable dining areas within means and desired aesthetics of Camp Eagle
- Ensure quality meal orientations are provided – based on a checklist
- Provide system of accountability for staff using checklists for meal orientations and ensure accountability is being provided
- Communicate regularly with program directors to ensure a healthy relationship and dialogue of guest needs/wants, placing a high value on guests needs and wants
- Ensure practices are in place for healthy and timely communication between food services and programs – spot check on those practices and hold staff accountable
- Maintain authentic relationships in food service planning to a high degree - minimize guests time in line or waiting on food
- Ensure we are mostly providing family style dining
- Ensure we are offering various outdoor meals
- Establish and implement policies and procedures for guest safety and risk management

Financial Management and Recordkeeping:
- Monthly budget review for ensuring we are not overspending
- Often analyze food and materials costs, looking for cheaper options while keeping quality and efficiencies in mind
- Develop and implement policies and procedures for tracking food waste – with an effort to reduce waste
- Keep records in accordance with the law
- Keep records in accordance with policies and procedures
- Perform yearly budget review with supervisor (line item by line item, focusing on needs vs wants)
- Be knowledgeable on all food service contracts
- Monthly detailed inventory and variance report

- Occasionally visit other camps with the purpose to learn from their food service practices, at least one camp per year would be a good goal
- Communicate menu changes, dining room layout changes, major policy changes to supervisor
- Develop processes and systems with supervisor’s oversight
- Educate yourself on changing health department standards

Other Duties of ALL Camp Eagle Staff:
Camp Eagle operates year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff must participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are groups here on all weekends, and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.

Education, Abilities, Skills, Experience:
The “ideal” candidate will have:
- Educational equivalent of a Bachelor’s Degree or 4 years of experience in the food service industry in a similar capacity
- Ability to relate to kid and adult guests in a professional and friendly manner
- Ability to work well on a team of peers and lead them and delegate tasks in a way that invokes healthy responses
- Excellent managerial skills and experience in providing a positive work environment for many college age students that will assist in the kitchen during the entire year
- Passion and ability to cook meals under time constraints for a large volume of guests in a family style, buffet, and short order setting
- Proficiency in Google Docs and Sheets, typing, basic computer skills, managing people, public speaking and teaching, basic math skills
- Excellent personal hygiene and manners
- Willingness to perform routine tasks regularly and on time, with deadlines weekly and monthly for most tasks
- Desire to serve long hours and without recognition, be relational, and be hospitable towards guests and staff of all ages in a professional and friendly manner
- Ability to problem solve, fix things, and think outside of the box
- Attitude of enthusiasm, taking initiative, willingness to learn, integrity, flexibility

Work Context:
This job will be performed primarily on location at Camp Eagle, TX.

There will be some travel periodically for training.

Physical Demands:
Ability to lift 60 lbs, sit for many hours in an office, stand for many hours consecutively while working in the kitchen, bend, squat, be on hands and knees while cleaning, climb stairs, and be around strong cleaning chemicals on a daily basis. Ability to be able to work late at night and early in the morning and some days for many hours consecutively.

Work Environment:
Will consistently work indoors and outdoors in summer, winter, and rainy weather conditions, on slippery surfaces, around hot appliances, and sometimes in buildings with no central heat or a/c.

Annual Salary, On-site housing, paid utilities, medical insurance, retirement contributions after one year, paid vacation time.

This job description is not a complete picture of all tasks, duties, or community responsibilities and is subject to change at any time at the discretion of the Executive Director.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



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Job Contact:
Tuan La
(830) 683-3219

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Why work at Camp Eagle:

Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. Does that sound like something you want to do?

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