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Program Director

Each of Berea’s staff members is responsible to live a life that is in alignment with Biblical principles and Jesus’ teachings. Staff are also responsible for interaction with guests in the same manner as a function of their job to achieve Berea’s Mission and help people take their Next Step with Jesus Christ. Therefore, every employee is responsible to uphold, embrace, and live out Berea’s Statement of Faith and Mission Statement. It is crucial that each employee, regardless of their role within the organization, seeks to become more Christ-like each day. True life change should occur as part of their work to help foster a Christ-centered environment.

Practically, this means that part of each employee’s job will be to engage in “religious duties “including but not limited to leading devotions, teaching from the Word of God, encouraging, and facilitating Next Steps with guests/campers, Leaders’ Meetings, leading others in prayer, and living a life of prayer.

All these skills are taught and guided by the Statement of Faith and the Mission Statement. These work in conjunction with Berea’s Flywheel, Hedgehog concept, Next Steps Philosophy, and Berea Values. Staff are evaluated annually on all of these and other Biblical standards.

Flywheel: Connecting – Engaging – Transforming

Hedgehog Concept: Helping everyone take their Next Step (with Jesus Christ).

Next Steps: Helping each person take one step on their own faith journey.

Berea Values: Bold Stewardship, Embodying Christ, Reimagining the Ordinary, Environment of Belonging, and All One Team.

Mission Statement: Berea’s mission is to create and continuously develop programs which appeal to children, teens, adults, and families such that they respond to the message of Jesus Christ and the live changing principles of God’s Word within the context of meaningful relationships and memorable experiences.

The job of the Program Director is to assist the Site Director to ensure the safe, effective and efficient use of the Camp and Conference Center in regard to the ministries, programs and facilities of summer family camp, conferences and guest groups through apt leadership, vision, and action.

It is the job of the Program Director to assist the Site Director to implement and execute the programs and ministries during the entire year including guest conferences.

It is also the job of the Program Director to assist the Site Director in the general oversight of Berea Camp and Conference Center.

1. Authority to accomplish this job is given by the Site Director to whom the Program Director is responsible.

2. Authority is given to purchase equipment and materials necessary to accomplish this job. Purchases of over a pre-determined amount will be made after consultation with the Site Director whether or not they are budgeted items.

3. Authority is given to suspend any camp activity to ensure the safety of guests and staff. Whenever possible this should be done in consultation with the Executive Director.

4. Authority is given over the Program Manager as well as Program Coordinators

Responsible to recruit, hire, train and lead top quality staff and volunteers

Responsible for the themes, programs, speakers, musicians, curriculum, staff, training and safety of all programs and conferences during the entire year and those that are added as God allows.

Responsible to assist in the planning, preparation and implementation of spiritual opportunities for the guests and staff during summer programmed camps. This includes recruiting, hiring and training of summer staff, drafting Bible study/devotional curriculum for various age-group segments, speaking when needed, and personal interaction with guests and staff.

Responsible to actively participate in program planning sessions to ensure a smooth and effective execution of programs for all conferences and camps, including planning for skits, games, theme nights, and any other camp activities necessary.

Responsible to help evaluate and improve current ministries, programs, procedures, and systems on a regular basis: this includes pre- and post-program event planning and evaluation meetings with summer leadership staff as well as the Site Director and other managerial staff as needed.

Responsible to assist in the preparation and execution of the summer staff hiring: this includes reserving and setting up regional events room and venues for staff recruiting and fellowship, updating applications, brochures, recruiting displays and videos.

Responsible to be actively involved with the summer staff, including providing both leadership and encouragement during the summer and also via phone, e-mail and letter throughout the year

Responsible to assist with the promotion of summer ministry, conferences, guest groups and other seasonal events

Responsible to be available or have a staff member available at all times while guests are on Camp Berea grounds to respond to their needs quickly.

Responsible to assist other departments with seasonal help such as; tight housekeeping turnarounds, guest group hosting and dining room help.

Responsible to attend staff meetings, help facilitate meetings and attend other staff functions along with serving on other standing and ad hoc committees (safety committee, etc…)

Responsible for upholding ACA standards as related to Program and maintaining/updating the Program SOP as needed and as approved by the Site Director

Responsible for overseeing and managing the program team schedule

Responsible for compliance with all town/local, state and federal regulations

Responsible for setting a consistent example of joyful service

Responsible for working with others, as a team, to further the ministry of Berea

Responsible for ACA Standards visits to other camps as assigned

Responsible for Shift Supervisor obligations on site when necessary

Responsible for other tasks as assigned by the President/CEO.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Nate Parks
(603) 744-6344

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Berea Ministries' year-round programs at Camp Berea (Hebron, NH), Camp Monadnock (Jaffrey, NH), and Camp Kerith (Lyman, ME) continue to attract increasing numbers of campers from around the Northeast. We are known for our innovative programming and quality service.

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