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Program Administrator

MIchindoh Conference Center is looking for an individual to provide leadership and development for our evangelistic summer camping programs. Michindoh offers both resident and day camp programs for youth as young as 5 years old through high school. The purpose of these programs is to model Christ’s love through our actions and to clearly communicate the gospel message in our chapel services and teachable moments throughout the program. Michindoh serves between 900 and 1200 youth each summer in these camping programs.

The individual that would be right for this position, first off, needs to be committed to a growing personal relationship with Christ and a deep desire to disciple and evangelize the youth God provides us to serve. They need to be highly organized, able to coordinate and work as a team with other departments and support staff, need to be able to lead a team of believers toward a common purpose of ministering to others, and should be willing and able to invest the effort into creating fun and safe programming that is the backdrop within which a joyful Christian environment models Christ’s love.

While our evangelistic camps take place during the summer, this is a year-round position with time set aside for program development and staff recruitment throughout the school year. The program administrator will have the opportunity to work in other departments during the school year to fulfill the full-time nature of the position. During the school year, the program administrator will have the opportunity to work in Outdoor Education, guest services, maintenance, recreation, and or other areas of the ministry. The focus of the off-season work will depend on the skills and interests of the applicant.

This position includes full-time employment, housing, food, utilities, and other benefits.

Feel free to submit your resume and contact information to learn more about this position.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 9/6/2023 9:48:27 AM

Job Contact:
Jeff Knoll
(517) 523-3616

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Why work at Michindoh Conference Center:

Join a team of committed Christians working together to glorify God through a wide variety of ministry tools, including Christian camping, conference facilities, outdoor education, & family retreats

4545 E. Bacon Rd.
    Hillsdale, MI 49242-9700

(517) 523-3616

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