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Program Specialist Intern

This is a 12 month internship.
Start in Sept 2023.
$340 per week + housing, utilities, meals (when served to camp guests)
This internship is focused on Christian camping career development. Key focus areas of learning include hospitality/retreat management, children/youth ministry and development, administrative management, event planning, program and partnership development, and ACA policy review. In this role, you will participate in and learn about all that happens in the non-summer seasons of camping ministry life. This will include working with the After School program daily. You will also learn about designing programs and teaching staff effective leadership skills in relation to mission and goals. You will play a leadership role for the summer camp season as well. Interns will live in a Christian camp community which prays, worships, plays, and works with one another. Additional mentoring from seasoned camp professionals will help prepare you for your career in Christian camping or other ministry fields.
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Time:  Internship
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Support Staff / Intern



Updated: 8/25/2023 9:42:42 AM

Job Contact:
Nick Jeffries
(919) 552-1756

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(919) 552-1756

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