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DIrector of Operations and Maintenance

Job Summary:
The Director of Operations and Maintenance oversees the buildings, grounds, and general systems of the entire 260-acre property. He or she is responsible for an annual budget of approximately $125,000 and for keeping costs within that budget. The Director of Operations coordinates with the human resources assistant to recruit, hire, and train employees and volunteers to work in operations and maintenance.

Responsibilities and Duties:
-Know and support the mission of ILNC: “Indian Lake Nazarene Camp: A sacred space to experience renewal, relationships and recreation.”
-Communicate with the Director of Guest Relations regarding guest needs such as meeting space setup.
-Build positive relationships--encouraging communication and problem-solving--with residents, guests, volunteers, and team members.
-Oversee the maintenance and improvement of all camp-owned buildings and structures building, using volunteer teams as much as possible.
-Prepare camp to be “summer season company ready” by May 20th each year.
-Ensure compliance with state and local regulations regarding construction, electrical, plumbing, etc.
-Coordinate with the human resources assistant to recruit, hire, and train employees and volunteers; supervise operations employees and volunteers. Prepare projects and supplies to be ready to work for volunteers.
-Ensure the landscape and grounds of ILNC present a clean, inviting view for visitors and residents.
-Oversee operation and safety of the ILNC municipal water system, including water testing, maintenance, and equipment replacement.
-Ensure snow is removed promptly from ILNC streets and public walkways.
-Maintain waterfront facilities, including docks and boat slips.
-Monitor spending and plan appropriately to stay within the departmental budget.
-Contract with commercial refuse companies to ensure adequate and timely disposal of trash; oversee trash pickup for residents.
-Assist the ILNC Board’s property team in assessing and removing hazardous branches and trees.
-Oversee winterizing of camp property and equipment as well as guest winter-storage services.
-Participate in regular team meetings.

Qualifications and Skills:
-A testimony and lifestyle that gives evidence of a true experience of salvation by grace in Jesus Christ, and willingness to abide by the current ILNC Code of Christian Conduct.
-Good oral and written communication.
-The ability to work well with people, with a Christ-like attitude and cooperative spirit.
-The capacity to build volunteer teams and equip them to complete assigned projects.
-Previous work experience in groundskeeping, maintenance, construction, or other building services and skill in construction, maintenance, and repair.
-Ability to prioritize tasks, manage time efficiently, and address urgent issues promptly.
-Creative and flexible in approaching tasks.
-Mature problem solver.
-Physical ability to lift 51-100 pounds, carry at least 51 pounds no less than ten feet, lift items up to 51 pounds at least two feet overhead, and perform moderate to strenuous physical labor continuously for two to four hours in temperatures up to 90 degrees.

Work Schedule/Compensation: This position is a year-round, full-time, exempt salaried position with great fluctuation in work schedule, depending on the season.
-Compensation is commensurate with experience.
-Forty hours per week is the expected average.
-Eight ILNC-approved paid holidays per year.
-Ten sick days per year.
-Two personal days per year.
-Two weeks paid vacation (accumulated 1.16 days per month), increased to 3 weeks after 3 years. Vacation days will be approved only for times that will not interfere with operations of the ministry and generally may not be taken from May through August.
-Ministry-provided smart phone and cellular service plan.
-Additional time off to compensate for holidays and other overtime worked during the summer (May-August).
-Insurance and other benefits are not provided by ILNC, but the total compensation will include amounts designated for legally-allowed salary and benefit options.

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Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Facilities/Maintenance



Updated: 3/9/2023 4:02:30 PM

Job Contact:
David Becker
(269) 649-2281

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We hire great people who believe in the power and ministry of Christian camping! Our camp is located in a rural area on a beautiful 800 acre natural lake with great boating, fishing and winter activities. We're just 15 minutes from Kalamazoo, MI, an hour from Grand Rapids, MI and less than three hours from Detroit or Chicago.

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