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Summer Camp Aide

Job purpose
The Camp Aide works under the guidance of the camp coordinator to implement the camp program. The Aide will work to ensure a safe and fun environment for each and every camper. All camp staff are integral to the daily programmatic, relational, and spiritual elements of our Kid’s Camp experiences.

Duties and responsibilities
? Maintain a positive, teachable attitude in all things, remaining Christ centered in life
? Work with the camp staff to facilitate activities, Bible lessons, and workshops during camp hours
? Provide instruction, motivation, encouragement to engage with each camper in an enthusiastic and supportive way
? Help to enforce the rules and policies of camp
? Provide servant leadership and direction for any interns, or volunteers
? Perform general office tasks as needed

? Excited by the opportunity to live out your Christian faith serving children and families
? Experience working with children and teens, particularly in a relational and spiritual settings
? Ability to multi-task, move at a quick pace, and work on a team
? Auditory and visual ability to respond to critical incidents
? At least 18 years of age
? HS/GED, or a minimum of an 8th grade education and 2 years of experience with children.

Working conditions
? Be able to lift 25-30 lbs.
? Be able to walk, see, hear, and speak

About The Philadelphia Project
The Philadelphia Project is a Christian non-profit organization committed to the holistic development of the neighboring community in partnership with the local church. We seek to accomplish our mission through the creation of a vibrant, engaging, and safe community center as well as providing service opportunities caring for the homes of the elderly, poor, single-parent and those plagued by hardships.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant



Updated: 2/24/2023 9:58:11 AM

Job Contact:
Alena Beeman
(267) 388-0772

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