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Marketing Specialist

To glorify God by introducing people to Jesus as Savior, training them in Christian living, and sending them out to represent Christ to the world.

To serve the campers in this positive environment we create, called Maranatha Camp. As a result, many will hear God speak and make decisions about salvation, discipleship and Christian service.

To support the operations of the camp by strategizing and executing the marketing strategy for the camp's brand, and services/products. This includes digital, and print marketing campaigns, and direct involvement in capturing and preparing content for use with the support of any graphic design or technology staff employed at the time. Works a 38-48hr work week.

Executive Director

-Developing an overall brand marketing plan for camp’s brand
-Carrying out camp’s brand marketing plan
-Creating regular and increasing engagement with the public for both engagement (approximately 80% of content) and direct promotion (approximately 20% of content)
-Developing specific marketing strategies and campaigns for camp’s services and events
-Carry out camp’s service/event marketing plan in a timely manner for clients to take desired actions
-Train and advocate for other camp staff to take certain recommended and reasonable steps to assist with camp’s marketing
-Effectively use existing opportunities and resources to maximize impact
-Track and spend 10-15% of working hours in staying up-to-date and referencing other’s ideas in the marketing industry
-Work in all of the following channels
Snail Mail
Influencer affiliations
Partner organizations and churches
-Digital content schedule is expected to be at minimum 2 pieces of content weekly per social media platform and 2 pieces monthly on the website, plus engagement/responses
-Other content (print, radio, mail) is expected to be based primarily on the timing of camp events with flexibility to schedule campaigns beyond only events

-Preserve organized and detailed digital records of marketing plans, campaigns, steps, results, and analytics
-Communicate and organize with any other persons needed to capture, process, or produce content
-Provide weekly to bi-weekly updates or hold meetings to stay in-touch with supervisor
-Assist with the ongoing development of this job/role description

-Readiness to capture photo and video, or to organize the capture of photo and video when required for content
-Keep all video, photos, and other media imported by yourself cataloged and organized on the Media & Design shared drive
-May be called on for up to 20% of summer working hours to help capture highlight video content

-Attends and participates in team meetings as needed
-Perform other duties in other departments as assigned, especially during our non-summer season
-Participates in the occasional recruiting event or overnight-trip

-College degree, equivalent work experience, or Marketing certifications
-Strong computer skills & work ethic
-Good customer service skills
-Excellent task management & prioritization skills
-Completes tasks in a time-efficient manner, communicating through the process
-Be a proactive self-starter (know what needs to be done and complete it without being asked)
-Great teamwork skills, especially concerning requests
-Professionalism in appearance, speech, and job skills
-Excellent oral and written communication skills

outlines further details regarding relationships and working arrangements.

BENEFITS - Not Considered Valid or Fully Accurate Until Final Offer Is Made
Meals in the Dining Hall when serving, Monthly salary, Life Insurance stipend, and deputized to raise Personal Support Income to cover the remainder of the approved personal budget amount.

COMMITMENT: I have read, understand and agree to the above job description. I have read the staff manual, including the objectives, ministry and doctrinal statements and agree with them. I agree to live by the policies and standards outlined in the staff manual.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Public Relations/Marketing



Updated: 1/19/2023 11:19:14 AM

Job Contact:
Kris Cheek

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Why work at Maranatha Camp & Retreat Center:

You can be a part of a life-changing experience. A ground shaking event in people's lives! You can be a part of sharing God's love with thousands of people, have a chance to meet students from all over the U.S. and world, make lifelong friends, and be a part of a Christ-centered community. Come be a part of building God's kingdom! Take an opportunity to deepen your relationship with God. Come and have time to be mentored by people who care about you and will challenge you and to have the opportunity to mentor others as well.

16800 E Maranatha Rd
    Maxwell, NE 69151


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