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Paid Year Round Internship in San Diego

Personal Characteristics:
• Must be a Born-Again Christian whose personal beliefs are parallel with the PVBCC statement of faith, (attached), and who will aspire continually to growth in faith, maturity, and selfless service as a reflection of the Person and character of Jesus Christ.
• This position requires a person who is committed to a service ministry and is willing to work unusual hours at times to fulfill the needs of our guests and/or staff team. “Service Ministry” requires a servant’s heart and a willing spirit which are essential elements of a SERVICE CULTURE. This is the means by which we fulfill the overall mission of PVBCC which is to provide an environment where the presence of God is invited into the experience of every guest. The staff role in what God may want to accomplish in the experience of our guests is to reflect His love and His sacrifice through heart attitude, countenance, and an excellent standard of service.
• Personal priorities will reflect those of Jesus Christ, i.e. God – People – Task, in this order.
• This staff position is part of a community of co-workers and fellow believers who live on the conference grounds requiring a deep commitment to the spiritual health and mission of the community. This dynamic requires a higher level of team contribution and selflessness than normal work environments, setting aside the fierce independence of the culture around us.
• This candidate should demonstrate a call to service ministry which would be reflected in outward enthusiasm, team spirit, sacrificial heart, and the experience of joy in hard work.

Position Requirements:
• A trusted professional who will manage and execute mission critical services that represent PVBC requiring a high level of integrity, character, and sound personal judgment. Personal image and character count and are attributed to PVBC in the minds of our constituency.
• A person of high personal character and faith who can and will serve as a leader and role model for younger staff persons, have patience, and a willingness to lead and build lives, inspiring them to pursue the high road of following Jesus Christ, reflecting His life, message, and image.

Professional Characteristics:
• Should be an excellent communicator with the ability to organize, manage, and have a keen eye for details.
• Pleasant, hospitable disposition, disarming, servant’s heart, problem solver.
• Google Suite literate, computer/network literate.
• Capable of lifting 30lbs.
• Capable of interacting with group leaders on and off PVBCC grounds honorably representing PVBCC as a leading Christian Camping ministry, and the Lord Jesus Christ as an ambassador of the faith.
• Be highly relational and able to communicate and interact with individuals to build personal bridges.

Responsibilities Vary, But Can Include:
Dining Hall hosting
Teaching classes for outdoor education
Leading games and recreation
Providing a variety of guest services
Both back-of-house and front-of-house experience
Running the coffee shop or grill
Camp upkeep


This is a yearlong resident discipleship program developed for college-aged young men and women, designed to develop followers, and prepare leaders for a lifetime of service dedicated to serving Jesus Christ. A small number of young men and women make the decision to set aside this time of their lives towards developing character, identity and discipline consistent with Christian leadership.

Gain Experience In:
• Food Service
• Guest Services
• Recreation/Program
• Maintenance

30 credit hour online scholarship from San Diego Christian College
Weekly salary, lodging and meals
Shared, furnished housing with Wi-Fi
7 day cruise
Optional 403(b) retirement account

The trainee will also be solely responsible for:
A current passport for the cruise and any cost to obtain it
The program monthly fee of $100 a month
All bedding, toiletries, medications, and personal bills
My car (if I choose to bring one)

• Training
• Hands-on experience
• Spiritual investment & development
• Job/Career placement
• Mentorship
• Real life community living

Trainees are equipped with:
• Experience in a variety of areas
• Work ethic that sets them apart from others
• Spiritual practices and tools to grow and nurture
• Relationship
• Practice with crucial conversations and problem solving in community

Our goals are to:
– Model and encourage the value of spiritual formation and development of an intimate relationship with Jesus.
– Cultivate and demonstrate a heart of joyfully serving our internal and external customers and guests
– Build community and friendships that last a lifetime

Spiritual Formation
– Bible reading plan/journal to go through together
– Encouraged to get involved in a local church
– Weekly devotions with a specific spiritual emphasis

PVBC Family Community
– Regular “Family” Get Togethers
– Time spent on weekly routine working alongside/building relationships with our 20 full-time staff members

The Reason We Exist!

Pine Valley Bible Conference Center came into being through the work of Jesus Christ and exists for Him, His Glory, His Purposes, and His Pleasure. Jesus Christ comes first and in Him alone we are sustained. Jesus Christ will have first place in all things, His Word and His Truth will be our counsel and our guide. Having been reconciled to God, we will remain steadfast in the Christian Faith believing the righteous will live by faith and that without faith it is impossible to please Him.

In that it is God’s passion to reconcile all things to Himself through the blood of Jesus Christ, Pine Valley Bible Conference Center will pursue the ministry of reconciliation through conference, camping, recreational, and educational events and experiences for all ages. PVBCC will:

A. Innovate and offer camp/conference events and experiences which in their essence . . .
1. Will promote Truth and alignment with Truth through repentance, willful submission, and obedience to God.
2. Will provide multiple opportunities for an encounter with the Living God through Biblical content, reflection, relationships, recreation, and worship.
3. Will expect that guests will be changed by their experience in the presence of God and their exposure to Truth.
4. Will affirm Christian beliefs that shape lives and build towards greater levels of faith in God.
5. Offer opportunities for Churches and other Christian organizations to sponsor their own events through the use of PVBCC facilities and services which are consistent with #4 above.
6. Offer select “other than Christian” organizations the opportunity to sponsor events who will honor our Christian mission and be open to His presence.

B. Embrace and actively pursue the stewardship of God’s resources manifest in a sustained and orderly operation that is fruitful, reflecting God’s presence, His intent to bless His work, and the excellence of His nature, His character, and His integrity.

C. Embrace and actively pursue the care and stewardship of the buildings and grounds that make up the conference center, to reflect the beauty, order, and excellence of God’s
creation through which He reveals Himself and provides refuge to all who are on their
journey to the cross.

D. Build and sustain Christian community amongst staff who live and work on the PVBCC
grounds reflecting the character and nature of Jesus Christ in our families, our
relationships, our work ethic, and the overflow of our personal lives as “salt of the earth” and “the light of the world”.

E. Consider the pursuit of good standing within the community of Pine Valley to be essential to our Christian testimony.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Support Staff / Intern



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Job Contact:
William Rebold
(619) 473-8879

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Why work at Pine Valley Bible Conference:

PVBC has a rich history of Christ centered camping spanning 76 years. Our Staff form the core of Christ-centered ministry here orchestrating defining moments that change lives. Make a difference!

8668 Pine Creek Road
    Pine Valley, CA 91962

(619) 473-8879

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