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Food Service Director

Job Summary: Responsible for giving guests the best dining and hospitality experience possible, recruiting camp/retreat cooks and kitchen crew for each camp week, retreat, and rental group as needed. They will ensure that meals cater to the appropriate age group, meals are planned and prepared properly for special diets and allergies, training kitchen staff on safety and health code regulations, and ordering food and kitchen supplies.

Prepare and follow a camp menu with suggestions from camp staff and guests, providing a wholesome, well balanced diet which will be appealing to campers & guests
Coordinate any special food requests from the Camp Leadership & guests
Order food and kitchen supplies from appropriate vendors
Ensure cleanliness of food preparation & delivery areas, dish room, pantry, and walk-ins
Ensure that the kitchen and appliances are deep cleaned at least twice a year (May & October)
Follow state health department regulations pertaining to safe food practice and those implemented by the Camp Leadership
Make sure that all food is clearly dated and disposed of if out of date
Knowledge of food allergies, food related diseases, the ingredients that may cause the allergy or disease and cross contamination issues
Be willing and prepared to meet special diet requirements for both campers and staff; e.g. gluten free, vegan, etc.
Complete an end of season food inventory list
Ensure camp food is labeled and segregated before rental groups use in the kitchen
Have menus posted daily
Ensure that the kitchen staff is in compliance with the following:
Keeps kitchen clean and in accordance with the department of health regulations at all times
Sanitize kitchen surfaces regularly throughout each day
Washes hands frequently and after each food task
Wears appropriate head covering
Wears gloves during food prep and serving
Takes out trash as needed
Oversee in weekly deep cleaning of specific areas, e.g. floors, vent hoods, floor drains, etc.
Report any accidents or injuries to Executive Director

Degree in Food Service, Kitchen Management, or equivalent experience
Embody biblical servant leadership and Christian hospitality
Be a mature Christian who is in good standing in his/her local church
Maintains a personal relationship with Jesus through Bible study, worship, and devotions
Have strong organizational skills and abilities
Be self-motivated and manage time well
Work within a budget and be resourceful with a budget
SafeServe Certified
Experience planning and preparing meals for groups between 10-200 people

Supervisory Leadership
This position operates under the supervision of the Executive Director of The Camp at Findley.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 9/7/2022 11:43:40 AM

Job Contact:
Amber Shearer
(716) 769-7146

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