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Kitchen Manager

Provide Christ-honoring management of all functions related to the kitchen, dining, and pantry areas ensuring workflow efficiency. Responsible for menu planning, food/supply ordering and effective training of volunteer kitchen staff. Maintain proper kitchen compliance, cleanliness, and organization.

This position reports directly to the Executive Director.

• Coordinate and manage volunteer kitchen staff
• Responsible to recruit volunteer staff to meet the needs of the kitchen
• Responsible to manage staff meals year-round
• Exemplify an attitude of Christ-like servanthood which will encourage servant leadership in others
• Work with a variety of ages as we welcome families to come to serve together.
• Menu planning while incorporating government allotments and specials
• Order food and supplies for the kitchen and dining area
• Maintain proper inventory of food and supplies
• Seek to provide consistent customer service while accommodating special dietary needs or allergies
• Review foodservice handbook and revise as necessary for government and camp guideline changes
• Oversee all phases of food procurement, preparation and service
• Maintain clean kitchen facilities that are up to Wisconsin Food Code
• Provide training and education to staff and volunteers assisting in the kitchen
• Attend educational food shows and implement learning into camp when appropriate
• Maintain records of menus, invoices, and dishwasher and food storage temperatures
• Ensure equipment meets government standards, working with maintenance or vendors on repairs.
• Work within the budget guidelines and operational goals
• Cook and clean as needed


• Spiritual:
o Have a solid spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.
o Have a servant leadership mentality
o Exhibit a Christ-like attitude
o Called by the Lord to serve at Living Waters Bible Camp.
o View this position as a servant ministry.
o Actively involved in a local assembly or church.
o Agreement with the camp statement of faith.

• Technical Skills:
o Obtain and maintain Certified Food Protection Manager certification within 90 days of start.
o Strong understanding and interest in foodservice
o Ability to work in a safe manner while working with kitchen equipment
o Adequate computer skills to perform responsibilities (email, documents, worksheet, presentations, online orders, etc.).

• Physical skills:
o Able to lift at least 50 pounds.

• Team skills:
o Team player.
o Must be able to submit to authority.
o Must be willing to accept work direction.
o Strong conflict resolution skills.
o Ability to work with a variety of personalities of campers, staff, and supporters.
o Ability to work with volunteers and other staff members as needed.
o Able to work long hours and have flexibility to fill voids when needed.
o Available to work weekends.

• Personal skills:
o High organizational skills.
o Willingness and desire to be accountable.
o Able to complete projects and task in a timely and efficient manner.
o Must have ability to work independently and follow through with tasks, commitments, and responsibilities.
o Self-motivated.

• Leadership skills:
o Able to manage, train, and supervise volunteers of all ages.
o Willingness to recruit volunteers.

• Rapport with staff and volunteers.
• Promote and uphold the vision and mission of Living Waters to guests.
• Relation to supervisor and co-workers.
• Acts in the best interest of the overall ministry of Living Waters Bible Camp.
• Shows by example a solid spiritual walk with Jesus Christ.
• Dedicated to the overall objectives of the camp and able to communicate these objectives to others.
• Maintains a positive attitude toward the position, other staff, and guests to God's glory.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Food Services



Updated: 3/31/2022 10:03:06 AM

Job Contact:
Ivan Munguia
(608) 634-4373

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Why work at Living Waters Bible Camp:

Living Waters Bible Camp is a year-round camp ministry striving to reach, train and equip individuals to become Servant Leaders through the truth of God's Word, intentional Godly relationships, and learning adventures in His Creation.

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