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Summer Staff Camp Counselor


Summer Camp Counselors are to set an example for the campers in your actions, manners, language, etc. Use your example to encourage and guide your campers in helping them become all that they are capable of becoming. The Counselor is to work to provide an environment where campers can see what being a Godly person is all about. The Counselor is to make it a point to daily lift up and encourage their fellow servants. He or she is to treat each member of the staff better than himself. He or she is to lend a helping hand to other staff members when needed. The Counselor is to seek to live as Jesus Christ would have him live.


1. Male or female at least 18 years of age who has completed at least one year in college
2. They must love God and have a growing relationship with Him.
3. Good character, integrity, emotional maturity and spiritual maturity.
4. Enjoyment of the outdoors.
5. Desire and ability to work with children in the outdoors.
6. Desire to live and work in a Christian camp community.
7. Ability to relate to a peer group.
8. Ability to take guidance and supervision.
9. High energy level, patience, sense of humor, and enthusiasm.
10. Experience working with children or youth preferred.


1. Be responsible for a group of campers when assigned
2. Be responsible for recreation facilitation, equipment/property upkeep as assigned.
3. Supervision of health, safety, and personal belongings of campers placed in their care
4. Supervise groups or activities as scheduled, never leaving the group at any time except for scheduled/approved times
5. Engage with campers and participate with them at all group activities as scheduled such as Worship, Mission Time, etc arriving on time to all meals, camp wide meetings, and recreations
6. Assist other camp staff in special assigned projects, such as maintenance and cleaning when needed.
7. Must read staff manual before camp begins and follow all guidelines as listed in said manual
8. Be Firm, Fair, Friendly and Fluid.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Counseling



Updated: 1/20/2022 9:53:47 AM

Job Contact:
Corrie Lindsay
(336) 5219214

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Why work at Caraway Conference Center and Camps:

Caraway Conference Center & Camps is an amazing place with a rich history and a promising future! Since 1963 we have facilitated and hosted camps, conferences, and retreats on 1,100 acres in the beautiful heart of NC. We are a place where people can hear God's voice

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