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Activities Director

A. A clear testimony of salvation through Jesus Christ.
B. A recognition of Christ as Lord in their daily walk.
C. In agreement with and supporting the philosophy and doctrine of Cedine Ministries.

A. A desire to see campers and others accept Christ as Savior and Lord and be discipled.
B. A supportive nature to those in authority with a willingness to be flexible and teachable.
C. Proven leadership skills in a Christian ministry and believes he/she has the gift of administration.
D. A willingness to sacrifice personal rights and to give of time and self for the common good of the camp and the campers.
E. Reliable, self-motivated, emotionally mature, and able to work with and motivate others in a high stress environment without causing harm to those around him or her.
F. Understand and be committed to solving problems according to Scriptural principles.
G. A commitment to and an understanding of camping.
H. Skills in organization and the ability to creatively make activities fun for campers
I. Have a genuine love for people of all races
J. Working knowledge of activity – be able to fill in as an instructor for any activity.
K. Recruiting skills – to be able to staff the activities
L. Current on state laws for activities – insure integrity of safety standards
M. Know OSHA laws regarding LITs
N. Willing to learn new activities
O. Keep activity part of staff manuals current

II. RESPONSIBLE TO Summer Camp Director

A. Leaders In Training
B. Activity Leaders

A. Leader in Training Director
B. Maintenance Director

A. Ensure all activities are safe.
B. Ensure all activities are in line with camp mission statement.
C. Ensure all activities are fun for the camper.

A. Coordinate achievement program
B. Check on activity areas daily to be sure all is going well; the instructor has all they need, collect and help with any incident reports and deliver water.
D. Organize the Saturday award ceremony and give information and assignments to the Program Director
E. Organize and facilitate camper counselor night
F. Work with waterfront Director in planning camper or staff waterfront activities
G. Communicate any maintenance issues to the Maintenance Director
H. Involvement in staff meetings, council meetings and your accountability group of activity leaders
J. Coordinate special activities with other camp personnel
K. Assist in the planning and development of new recreational facilities and activities
L. Be willing to take on any responsibilities delegated in line with the job description
M. Act as primary resource for cabin activities
N. Periodically check in on cabin activities to assure the counselors of your support and make suggestions for improvements or change
O. Organize the camp tour (Jericho Road)
P. Order sports and activity supplies
Q. Clean Bible study sites
R. Plan and run evening recreation
S. Plan and run decathlon
T. Plan rainy day activities

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Vernon Tannahill
(423) 365-9565

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Why work at Cedine Bible Camp & Conference Center:

Are you interested in an internship? Are you interested in being stretched for God? In reaching the lost for Christ? In making a difference in a urban child's life (many who could not afford to come to camp)? In a cross-cultural ministry opportunity for the summer? If so, check out Cedine Bible Camp! We believe in investing in our staff by helping them to grow spiritually as well as equipping them for future employment. We believe that if our staff are passionate about their relationship with Jesus that will overflow to the campers and their hearts will be turned toward Jesus!

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(423) 365-9565

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