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Retreat Facilitator

Job Title: Retreat Facilitator
Department: Retreats/Journey
Reports To: Director of Programs, Adam Betterton
Term: August 9, 2021 - May 31, 2021

We exist “to inspire Christ-like change through Outdoor Adventure, Authentic Relationships, and Biblical Truth,” and to use our mission to change the world.

The makeup of our community determines a large part of what it is like to live and work here. We have about 80 people who live on-site year-round, comprised of full-time staff, their families, Gap-year students, and Facilitators. Since we are so far from any large towns or cities, all of our full-time staff live on-site. One example of our distance from town is that it takes 1 hour and 15 minutes to get to the closest Walmart in Kerrville. Camp Eagle is a beautiful place with many natural resources but calls for a somewhat remote living. Our staff is active and involved in our ministry and community. Generally, we like good food, playing outdoors, and working hard, as we are very passionate about our mission statement. We encourage applicants, at a further stage in the hiring process, to visit and ask many questions from various staff about what it is like to live and work here. We are the first to admit that as a community we have many shortcomings but hope to use even those to serve Jesus Christ. Does that sound like something you want to do?

For a detailed description of what we believe, please visit our website:

Overall Responsibility:
Retreat Facilitators live out Camp Eagle’s mission through direct interaction with guests. They are the face, hands, and feet of Camp Eagle and God’s purpose here. This unique position allows Retreat Facilitators to work together with Camp Eagle staff to fill a vital role. This is a service role. Facilitators do whatever is necessary to serve guests well, as instructed by Retreats Director, School Retreats Director, and Retreat Hosts. You will be both evaluated and encouraged regularly. Your primary hiring is to serve at Camp Eagle as needed and to point guests and fellow staff to Christ as you do so. Facilitators are a highly valued part of the camp community. We want to hire and retain servant-hearted leaders who also know how to follow the many directions they will be given.

Key Areas of Responsibility (after training):
Building relationships with guests and getting to know them
Leading group development and debriefing
Running adventure activities, both high and low elements, and ensuring guest safety
Helping with projects, such as constructing program elements and manicuring grounds or maintaining trails
Leading outdoor education sessions
Prepping for new groups and leading group orientations
Running retail in our coffee shop and camp store
Cooking food and cleaning dishes
Cleaning camp after groups depart
Hosting groups as needed

Other responsibilities may include:
Linens upkeep
Waterfront upkeep, installation, and removal
Challenge course upkeep
Retreat planning
Other jobs based on Retreat Facilitator’s set of skills or passions
Assist with both on-site and off-site Marketing and Recruiting efforts
Opportunities to work with other departments, according to skill set
Basic administrative tasks (scanning, cash counts, email/phone communications)

Qualifications and Expectations:
Must submit a current resumé that includes 3 references from an employer; a ministry leader who knows you well; and an adult friend. References may only come from non-family members.
Must be at least 21 years old to apply; have finished college or have completed the
Walkabout program at Camp Eagle.
Exceptions for those who show signs of deep maturity will be granted but will be limited.
Excited by meeting and getting to know new people frequently
Strong sense of hospitality and service
Willingness to be held accountable to spiritual growth and be mentored (i.e., to have
freedom within the accountability of a loving community)
Ability to create energy in a group setting
Ability to create a portion of a schedule for a group
Strong sense of community and ability to get along with many staff within a small
Teachability and a learner attitude
Strength in controlling emotions when tired or frustrated and continue to be hospitable, smile, and treat guests with kindness
Easily communicates with guests and group leaders in a professional manner
Work well with and relate to youth
Applicants may re-apply for a second year as a Retreat Facilitator but will not be
considered for more than two seasons

On-site housing, basic utilities, landline, and WiFi – provided in the staff housing area
Health Plan option
401(k) retirement package after one year
Annual salary – received every other Friday
Meals – provided when working with a group
Paid vacation time
Training – CPR; Lifeguard training; group development; ServSafe; Camp Eagle ropes course training; ongoing required training specific to Camp Eagle retreats

Other Duties of ALL Camp Eagle Staff:
Camp Eagle operates year-round. We have guests on the premises almost every day of the year. Serving guests is our number one priority, and therefore ALL staff must participate in guest service in some capacity. Tasks may include cooking, cleaning, facilitating group activities, running retail locations, general maintenance of camp property, and work projects as needed. There are often groups here on weekends, and all staff members will be required to work certain weekends as needed.

Work Context:
This job will be performed primarily on location at Camp Eagle.

Light travel will be required for this position.

Physical Demands:
Ability to walk for long distances across varying terrain.
Some lifting of heavy objects will likely be required.
Working at height.

Work Environment:
Most of the workday is spent outside, including working in possible adverse weather conditions and/or slippery surfaces.

This job description is not a comprehensive list of all tasks that may be required in this position.

To apply for this position,

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Hailee Perez
(830) 683-3219

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Why work at Camp Eagle:

Our mission is to inspire Christ-like change through outdoor adventure, authentic relationships, and Biblical truth. Does that sound like something you want to do?

6424 Hackberry Road
    Rocksprings, TX 78880

(830) 683-3219

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