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Program Manager

Position Purpose: To further the camp mission and vision of Mt. Gilead through the planning and delivery of camp programs and events. Program Manager is responsible for the development, implementation, administration, execution, and evaluation of all Mt. Gilead Programs.

1. Called by God to the ministry of Mt. Gilead
2. Strong growing relationship with Jesus
3. Strong servant leadership skills
4. Demonstrated ability to disciple others in a biblically consistent way
5. Experience leading a team of people within the camp setting
6. Current CPR Certification or willingness to obtain
7. Experience in residential camp administration and leadership and program delivery
8. Willingness to be flexible and do all tasks assigned
9. Valid current driver's license with a clean driving record.
10. willingness to understand and embrace Mt. Gilead camper and staff culture
11. Minimum 25 years old as required by regulation to supervise ministry
12. Ministry training preferred

Essential Job Functions:
1. Deliver mission-driven programming
-Ensure that programs promote the mission and vision of Mt. Gilead
-Ensure that Program values and outcomes are met
-Evaluate the success of programs
2. Ensure the camp staff and campers know and follow procedures and safety guidelines of all camp programming
-Lead and implement staff training
-Provide guidelines for programs using Mt. Gilead equipment
-Ensure campers and staff follow safety procedures in all programming areas.
3. Promote a Christ-centered work environment
-Lead Staff Devotions
-Attend and lead Prayer meetings and Bible Studies
-Encouragement of all Mt. Gilead Staff in their relationship with Christ
4. Assist in the promotion of Mt. Gilead programs and retreats
-Network with pastors
-Develop promotional content (social media, flyers, blogs, articles)
5. Direct Mt. Gilead programs
-Curriculum development
-Theme development
-Keeping within department budget
-Department Administration
-Camper Registration Process
-Staff training
-Staff scheduling
6. Participate in staff hiring
-Lead hiring and training of the summer team
-Assist in hiring and training of full-time staff
7. Attend board meetings and give programming updates

Other Job Duties:
1. Maintain and improve program facilities and equipment
2. Implement new programming annually
3. Facilitate Mt. Gilead Recreation areas
-Zipline, swing, climbing wall, pool, etc.
4. Oversee evening programs, guest services events, and other functions
5. Additional duties as assigned

1. Executive Director and Associate Director- This position works very closely with the directors to accomplish the Mission and Vision of Mt. Gilead within the Program Department
2. Department Management- Communicates with other department heads, managers and directors to ensure that the overall needs of all ministry departments are always factors in programming decisions.
3. Vendors- Communicates with vendors for product purchasing in a way that reflects values of Mt. Gilead and allows the Program Department to run with excellence

Equipment Used:
Applicant must be competent in the use of and or willing to be trained in:

1. Computer and software
-Desktop computers
-Tablets and mobile devices
-Word Processing
-Social Media
-Database systems
-Google docs
-Adobe Cloud
2. General Camp Equipment
-Sound equipment
-Camp Vehicles

Physical Aspects of the job:

1. Ability to understand and implement camp regulations and safety procedures
2. Physical strength to lift equipment and supplies weighing up to 50 pounds and carry 50 feet
3. Ability, both visually and auditory to identify and respond to safety and environmental hazards and inform campers and guests
4. Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing and walking for long periods of time (often more than 1 hour at a time)
5. Ability to safely drive cars, light trucks, golf carts, and other motorized vehicles
6. Must be able to lift, climb and swim

To apply please send a one-page resume and cover letter to Ty Flora at

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Ty Flora
(707) 823-4508

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Why work at Mt. Gilead Bible Conference, Inc.:

We are located in the beautiful coastal Redwoods of Northern California. Our staff are committed and excited to serve Christ in a ministry directed primarily towards children and youth.

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