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Office Intern

Hartland is committed to boldly proclaiming the Living Word. The goal being to produce Christians committed to knowing, living, and sharing a compelling faith.
This will be accomplished through innovative, relevant, high-quality camping experiences for all ages. The goal being to serve groups who are in agreement with Hartland's belief and purpose or where there is, at minimum, an opportunity for pre-evangelism through contact with our staff and/or use of our facilities.

Our Volunteer Office Internship offers and opportunity to gain office work experience including answering phones, booking retreats, guest check-in, registration, payment processing, and other roles as needed around camp- and most importantly - serving our guests! This is an unpaid position however; food and housing are provided for the entirety of your Internship so once you're hear you're housed and fed. This is sometimes unique to Internships and we do this instead of pay or stipends.

These skills provide a history of office work which may help when applying to other office jobs involving similar skills.

The internship typically lasts 40 hours a week and in the summer months can extend to 48 hours per week. To apply visit and select Office Internship in the dropdown menu.

Internships usually start short term and depending on the fit can extend to longer stays. We're currently looking for an Office Intern who can join us in early January 2019 and stay through the middle of June. As we get closer to the June date, we can begin discussing extending the Internship or see if other roles are available. In some instances we may continue to extend to a year-long internship or beyond. Apply today to get more details. We could potentially look at Internships that run from June through Sept and Sept through December of 2019.

Established in 1946, Hartland Christian Camp has been built on a foundation of ministry in the name of Jesus Christ and exists for His Glory. The camp is operated by an autonomous body of dedicated, visionary Christians who are committed to the task of providing a high-quality, high-value camping experience for all ages. Hartland Christian Camp covers 320 acres and is located in the beautiful Sequoia National Forest in the heartland of the Sierras. At 4500 feet, Hartland enjoys four distinct seasons where God's handiwork is clearly seen throughout the entire year. Whether you're looking for a quiet retreat or an action-packed week of recreation, Hartland is the perfect getaway for all ages.

Time:  Internship
Salary:  Long-Term Volunteer
Category:  Volunteer



Updated: 8/30/2018 8:13:37 PM

Job Contact:
Joshua Embry
(559) 337-2349

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Directed by the Lord to serve here

57611 Eshom Valley Drive
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(559) 337-2349

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