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Head Counselor

Over see 8 counselor by giving spiritual leadership, meeting with them daily to encourage and challenge their growth. Oversee weekend activities that bond your team together. Oversee catching them being good point award program. Over see camper discipline.
Head Counselor Responsibilities:

Daily (Always be available at anytime for anything counselors need and camper conflict resolution!)

• Morning devotions (camp devotional) with counselors
• Get ready for day
• Breakfast
• Participate in counselor meeting
• Be available to help with during Bible study
• Spend time with any counselors on break/go visiting with them
• Lunch
• Be available at rest time for any unruly rest time cabins and or, study (look up scripture to help with conflict resolution/ get ready for bonfire/ scripture to encourage counselors…)
• Go to swim time (Great time to get to know the campers even if you don't swim)
• More counselor encouragement time or personal rest/study time (if busy for camper rest), also prep time for any cabins who got enough stars for a special treat that night
• Dinner
• Recreation, be available to help with crowd control and have fun with campers
• Chapel, be available to take campers to restroom/conflict resolution…
• Go around and say goodnight to the cabins, remind them when lights out is, and help with any bedtime issues
• Counselor meeting, lead a short, encouraging, unwind, prayer time

Note: There are no times listed because this position is more relational and needs flexibility


• Staff meeting
• Make sure counselors have everything they need (markers, paper, alarm clock, watch, Bible bag…anything!)
• Great families and campers
• Staff introductions
• After chapel camper talk
• Role call in each cabin/ hand out camper and counselor books/ greet each camper individually

• Lead bonfire (ask counselors ahead of time for help leading songs) this is an important time at camp, so time, preparation, and letting the holy Spirit lead you is important.

• Staff meeting
• Inspect cabins after counselors clean. Make sure they have cleaned well, everything is stocked, lost and found and dirty linens are put where they belong, and collect key. This is to be done before they are “free” for the weekend.

*Special things to do randomly: Snacks every now and then during nightly meeting (especially camper/counselor foil dinner nights), Notes and treats throughout the summer in mailbox…

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid - Must Raise Partial Support
Category:  Counseling



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Job Contact:
Vernon Tannahill
(423) 365-9565

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Why work at Cedine Bible Camp & Conference Center:

Are you interested in an internship? Are you interested in being stretched for God? In reaching the lost for Christ? In making a difference in a urban child's life (many who could not afford to come to camp)? In a cross-cultural ministry opportunity for the summer? If so, check out Cedine Bible Camp! We believe in investing in our staff by helping them to grow spiritually as well as equipping them for future employment. We believe that if our staff are passionate about their relationship with Jesus that will overflow to the campers and their hearts will be turned toward Jesus!

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