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Assistant Campground Manager

This person will assist the Dunes Harbor Campground Manager in carrying out the mission of Grace Adventures through the ministry’s purpose. The result will be to provide a safe, Christian environment where families can be impacted.

Responsible for registration/oversight of all participants (payments and communication with individuals and groups)
Update manuals, facilitate staff engagement opportunities, and implement the staff training plan
Help set, develop, implement, and evaluate Dunes Harbor programs according to feedback received from supervision and guests, which is in line with the purpose of the program
Inventory, maintain, and order supplies for daily operations (retail, registration, ice cream)
Work in conjunction with the Marketing team to promote Dunes Harbor to guests and staff
Work with Maintenance and Accommodations to ensure Dunes Harbor property and Facilities meet the Grace Standards
Manage weekly scheduling of Staff, Volunteers, and programs
Work with the Dunes Harbor Family Camp Manager on ordering and restocking Dunes Harbor Apparel
Assist the Dunes Harbor Family Camp Manager in the supervision of all summer, contract, PACE, and volunteer staff as it relates to program implementation
Support the operations of all areas of the Campground Directly oversee the operations of the Welcome Center and Program
Assist in overseeing the operations of Retail, Ice Cream, Maintenance, Accommodations, and Security
Hire, Onboard, and Train all Dunes Harbor seasonal employees with the assistance of the Dunes Harbor Family Camp Manager and Dunes Harbor Full-Time Maintenance Manager
Create, Plan, and oversee the implementation of all programming and theming at Dunes Harbor Family Camp
Work with group leaders to plan and coordinate their group stay at Dunes Harbor
Prepare and implement a plan each year for the opening day of Reservations (November 1st)

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Manager



Updated: 3/20/2024 4:20:35 PM

Job Contact:
Granville Moore

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