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Boys' Outdoor Adventure Counselor


Responsible to ensure safety and promote spiritual growth through activities and personal example for the Boy’s Outdoor Adventure Camp of Palomar Christian Conference Center. The Counselor may be asked to help in areas of the camp programs.


• Assist the campers in all aspects of outdoor adventure and camping; food preparations, backpacking, clean-up and keeping Campsite clean and orderly
• Assist campers with their personal devotionals and materials.
• Supervise campers in all daily activities.
• Participate in staff bible studies when not running camps.
• Assist with wild land fire emergencies.
• Responsible for the campers’ care, safety, and wellbeing.
• Responsible for camper supervision 24 hours a day while on duty.
• Keep campers on schedule and arriving on time to all activities.
• Look for and make use of teachable moments.
• Pray for the campers.
• Maintains a clean, safe and unobstructed workplace.
• Keep regular, timely attendance while maintaining a clean, safe and unobstructed workplace

* These duties are not exhaustive; with consideration of the job requirements and employee’s skills, this job description may be amended at the discretion of the employee’s immediate supervisor


• Demonstrates a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ, exercising personal faith through consistent daily living in accordance to God’s Word
• Understands the mission of Palomar Christian Conference Center and is in agreement with its Statement of Faith, and submits all other goals and desires to that main goal
• Possesses excellent verbal and written communication skills
• Able to lead and direct youth.
• Ensures that he could lead/introduce campers to Jesus Christ as Savior.
• Possesses good customer service skills and presents a professional appearance and manner.
• Possesses strong attention to detail and organization while managing multiple priorities.
• Must be able to lift a minimum of 100 lbs.
• Has at least a limited knowledge and experience in backpacking and camping in remote places.
• First Aid and CPR certified.
• Experience and enjoys working with junior high boys.

Time:  Full-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 5/3/2023 2:49:45 PM

Job Contact:
David Hasty
(760) 742-3400

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Why work at Palomar Christian Conference Center:

Palomar Christian Conference Center exists to reach the lost for Christ and to pursue spiritual growth through the study of God's Word.

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(760) 742-3400

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