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As a job seeker, you have options! Our basic monthly listing is free, or you can add your photo for $5.99. Choose our Select package for $12.99 to add your photo, resume, a link to a video where you can describe yourself and your interest in camping, along with links to social networks of your choice.

Your profile can only be seen by CCCA members and will remain online for 30 days. At the end of your month, you can again select the free package, or upgrade to become even more visible to CCCA member camps and conferences.

Special offer for Camp Nurses

Are you a nurse and looking to help a CCCA member camp? Set up a basic listing for free, then contact us at (888) 922-2287 and we'll upgrade your listing to include a photo and resume at no charge. Our member camps often need nursing staff, especially during the summer, and we want to make sure our member camps find you!

 30 Days - Free - Basic Profile Post$0.00 
 30 Days - Profile + Photo$5.99 
 30 Days - Profile + Photo + Resume + Video + Social Links$12.99