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Welcome to Super Summer

7557 Rambler Road, Suite 1200
Dallas, Texas 75231-2388

Know & Share The Gospel.

Find us on the web at, or call us at (214) 828-5121


Vision: We want to see students sharing the gospel.

Mission: Super Summer equips and encourages Christ-following Texas Baptist students to share the gospel by
1. teaching them a deep understanding of the gospel
2. offering gospel presentation strategies
3. practicing gospel presentations
4. biblically exhorting students to share the Gospel with Christlike compassion and urgency.



The types of camps we operate include:

Resident Camp

Programming We Offer:

Young Adults

These are the types of accommodations we offer:


We are set up to handle the following group sizes in the various seasons:

During the summer, we can take care of up to 800 guests. In the spring, we can accommodate 0 guests. Our winter capacity is 0. Finally, in fall, we have enough room for 0 guests.

We also offer the following special activities and features:

We rent meeting space, food services, lodging in dormitories, and other facility needs by the week from partnering universities. We do not own any camping facilities.


2 sessions at Dallas Baptist University


Photo Gallery


Our Summer Resident camps are held at universities.

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