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Welcome to CCCA's Michigan Section website. The Michigan Section is made up of CCCA member camps from the great state of Michigan. On this site, you'll find:

  • The Section Members tab provides a list of all CCCA member camps in the Florida Section. Find out where member camps are located, then drill down to additional information about these great camps.
  • On the Section Leadership tab, you'll find information regarding the leadership of both the Southeast Region (of which we are a part) and local section leadership.
  • Visit the Section News and Events tab for details about upcoming events in our section, our region as well as training events and the annual conference hosted by CCCA.
  • The Sectional Conference tab provides details about our annual sectional where local Christian camps come together for two to three days of worship, fellowship, networking and fun. If you are not a part of CCCA, no problem. You can still attend. Check out the Sectional Conference tab for more information.
  • Finally, the Section Connection tab provides members with various resources, including links to various ways to communicate within — and outside of — our section.

On behalf of CCCA and the Michigan Section, thanks for visiting, and remember 4 out of 5 great lakes prefer Michigan!




Region Representative

Lonnie Thompson Lonnie Thompson
Great Lakes Region

Heartland Conference Retreat Center   Email Cathey

Section President

Kevin Grifhorst—2016-2018
Pine Ridge Bible Camp

(616) 696-8675

President Elect

Wayne Faber—2016-2018
Little Eden Cmap

(231) 889-4294




Joe Hughes—2016-2018
Program Director
Bair Lake Bible Camp

(269) 244-5193 ext. 203


Bradley North—2016-2018
Executive Director
Camp Living Waters

(231) 797-5107


NextGen Coordinator

Chad Coppess
Program Administrator
Grace Adventures

(231) 873-3662 ext. 108 


Nate Scott
Guest Services Manager
Gull Lake Ministries

(269) 216-9248 


Government Relations

Scott Barger
Executive Director
Cran Hill Ranch

(231) 796-7669

Past President

Tim Hertzler—2014-2016
Director of Strategic Initiatives
Grace Adventures

(231) 873-3662


Program Advance

James Petersen
The Springs Camp

(989) 426-7604

Sectional Conference Host

Melissa Failing

Guest Relations Coordinator
Gull Lake Ministries

(269) 671-5155 ext 205


Member at Large

Mike Deen

(231) 861-2466

Member at Large

Greg Pease
Harvest Bible Camp

(231) 414-5757


Member at Large

Don Cochrane
Camp Burt Shurly

(210) 426-8148

Member at Large

Jake Jacobs
Camp Henry

(616) 717-3503


News and Events

Great Lakes Region & National News

Welcome, Mt. Hope Bible Camp! Otway, Ohio.
Posted: 09/17/2014

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Posted: 02/23/2018
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Posted: 02/08/2018
Read This...13-year-old Athena says she "spent most of the summer hanging out alone..."  Read more...
Posted: 01/02/2018


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List of Events for the Day of 12/4/2017


Michigan Sectional

Gull Lake Ministries

Hickory Corners, MI

Featuring special guests:  

Join us for the 2018 CCCA Michigan Sectional Conference! More than 40 seminars by talented presenters, engaging times of worship and teaching, and fellowship with 300+ other camp professionals from all over the state of Michigan! Click on a seminar on the schedule below to see all sessions and workshops being presented to plan your visit.

Registration Opens December 1st!

Interested in being a part of our Exhibit Hall? We'd love to have your company join us!
Click Here for more info!


Conference Schedule and Available Workshops:
Sun. Mar 4 5:30 - 8:00p Open Registration
  5:30 - 10:00 Ministry Center Gym Open
Mon. Mar 5 8:00 Registration Open
  8:00 - 9:00 Breakfast
  9:30 - 12:00 Super Sessions
  11:45 - 1:15 Lunch
  1:30 - 2:00 Conference Kickoff
  2:15- 3:30 Seminar A
  4:00 - 5:00 Networking - Camp Store, Horse, Fundraising, High Ropes, Spouses, Interns, Prog 101/201;
  4:00- 5:00 NextGen Leaders
  5:30 - 6:45 Dinner
  7:00 - 8:30 General Session #1
  8:30 - 11 Ministry Center Open (basketball, volleyball, bowling)
Tues. Mar 6 7:30-8:00 Devotions
  7:45-9:00 Breakfast
  9:15 - 10:45 General Session #2
  11:00 - 12:15 Seminar B
  12:00-1:15 Lunch
  1:30-3:30 Exhibit Hall
  3:45 - 5:00 Seminar C
  5:30 - 6:45 Dinner
  7:00 - 8:30 General Session #3
  9:00 - 10:00 Entertainment
  8:30 - 11:00 Ministry Center Open (basketball, volleyball, bowling)
Wed. Mar 7 7:30- 8:00 Devotions
  7:45-8:45 Breakfast
  9:00-10:15 Seminar D
  10:30-12:00 General Session #4
  12:00-1:15 Lunch and Check-Out



Dr. Gerhard deBock, Speaker


Jennie Wellsand, Worship Leader


Lyndy Phillips, Entertainer






For 2016, NextGen coordination will take place at a section level, with assistance from the CCCA National Offices. Find out how you can get involved in NextGen, either as a mentor, or a mentee.

NextGen Coordinators: Access your NextGen Coordinators Toolbox. Please contact CCCA with any information or questions you have at:


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