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Assistant Director


•To Create a safe, inspiring, and wholesome summer camp program for youth and young adults that conveys the inclusive love and acceptance of God for all people and Christian values as expressed in the Episcopal tradition. Plan, direct, implement and supervise the Adventure Challenge, Waterfront and Summer Camp Programs. Coordinate, design and facilitates year-round retreat and hospitality ministry for all guests.

• Assist Executive Director in developing the summer program including plan for supervising college staff.
• Assist the Executive Director in hiring of the program staff.
• Create and distribute brochures and marketing materials for summer camp and retreat ministries.
• Insure all manuals and procedures are up to date with State regulations.
• Coordinate evaluations of groups, campers, parents and staff.
• Coordinate the Scholarship procedures and applications with Executive Director.
• Coordinate the Challenge Course program – inspections, equipment, set-up, safety checks, records, rules, evaluations, policies and training's.
• Coordinate the Waterfront Program – inspections, equipment, set-up, safety checks, records, rules, evaluations, policies and training's.
• Develop and manage all programs of the Summer Camp Program and implement the schedule and leadership for all program activities and registrations. Develop a daily and weekly schedule including the special activities of the camp. Responsible for the day to day functioning of program activities.
• Work with chaplains and other staff in Christian Formation program.
• Responsible for ordering and administration of camp and retreat supplies for all programs.
• Insure ongoing support and supervision for all program staff and campers, meeting with the counselors as a group daily and individually as needed. Coordinate and supervise counselors and activity staff including waterfront staff.
• Develop, implement and support the staff in a staff training program. Training, equipping and supervising summer staff, ensuring that Safe Church and ACA guidelines are met. Offer appropriate guidance to counselors and campers with regard to compliance with camp policies, rules and procedures.
• Teach the camp rules to each new session of campers and help enforce them.
• In keeping with the Community Covenant Policies, the Program Director is expected to lead and maintain a positive, safe, nurturing environment, free of bullying and free of all inappropriate physical contact. They must report all unsafe situations and events as well as all interventions to the Executive Director.

• Act as a role model in all areas, and in particular, help to foster Christian community.
• Mediate inter-personal difficulties between counselors and campers.
• Guide the counselors with their cabin groups and individual campers in participating successfully in all aspects of camp activity and help each camper adjust and grow in the daily living with campers and camp life. Recognize and respond appropriately to inter-personal problems within the staff group.
• Set a good example for all staff and campers and others including appropriate language and dress, punctuality, the sharing of clean-up and other chores, compliance with the ban of use of tobacco products, alcohol and drugs, and display of good sportsmanship and proper table manners.
• Encourage a positive spirit within the counselor team and cabin groups and participate along with their staff in group events and program activities, as appropriate, and in singing camp songs.
• Encourage respect for all other persons, the personal property of others, all camp property, equipment and facilities. Promote good public relations with campers’ parents and visitors.
• As a leader of a Christian community, participate with enthusiasm in chapel, grace and other group worship. Lead campers/counselors in nightly devotions held in the cabins. Participate and lead weekly prayer groups for staff members.
• Visit parishes, schools and working collaboratively with the Director of Youth and Young Adult Formation in order to develop and implement programming for Youth and Young Adults across the Diocese of Long Island.
• Any additional duties or tasks, going above and beyond to make sure campers, retreat guests and staff have a safe and positive experience at Camp DeWolfe.

Competitive Salary and Housing

Minimum Qualifications:
• At least 25 years of age.
• 4-year college degree minimum.
• 2-4 years supervisory experience.
• Ability and experience in supervising staff and leadership skills are essential.
• Ability to creatively schedule programs and activities.
• Ability to work independently, efficiently, and professionally, without supervision.
• Organizational skills, good time management skills and ability to take initiative are essential.
• Desire and ability to work with youth in the outdoors among a Christian community; ability to relate to peer group, accept supervision and guidance, and assist in teaching an activity.
• Good character, integrity, hard work ethic, judgment and adaptability, enthusiasm, sense of humor, patience and self-control.

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Assistant Director



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Job Contact:
Matthew Tees

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Why work at Camp DeWolfe:

Camp DeWolfe is situated on the North Shore of Long Island NY with a private beach access to the Long Island Sound. For over 65 years youth from across Long Island and then NYC are have come to Camp DeWolfe as a place to experience God's love through community, nature and experiential education.

408 North Side Road
    Wading River, NY 11792


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