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Archery Coordinator

1. At least 18 years of age.
2. Experience and training in Archery.
3. Possess an interest in and an ability to plan, implement, and participate in camp programming.
4. Interest, knowledge, and skills in Archery with the ability to teach and enthuse others.
5. Have an interest in children’s welfare and a concern for their emotional, physical, and spiritual needs.
6. Have experience teaching Bible lessons.

RESPONSIBLE TO: Program Director

Organize and administer a safe, organized, interactive, creative, and meaningful program in Archery that is in line with the goals and objectives of Camp NEOSA.

1. Operate an Archery rotation that is appropriate to the ages of the participants including level of difficulty, size and operation of equipment, and necessary safety.

2. Prepare each program by completing the required lesson plan and submitting it for approval by the requested due date.

3. Lead an effective devotional time during each rotation that is age appropriate and coincides with the camp theme.

4. Prepare and maintain the up keep of the Archery range including necessary supplies, equipment, signage, and all other materials assigned to the Archery Coordinator.

5. Report any loses or damage to equipment with necessary requisitions for needed replacements.

6. Prepare an up-to-date inventory at the conclusion of the summer.

7. Assist the Program Director with other camp programming as needed.

8. Be a positive and productive member of the camp staff including social relationships and care of camp property.

9. Assist with the clean-up of the total camp at the conclusion of the summer.

10. Assist and share in other responsibilities and duties as assigned.

Time:  Part-Time Seasonal
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



Updated: 3/29/2023 10:32:51 AM

Job Contact:
Randall Evans
(216) 623-7455

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Why work at The Salvation Army Camp NEOSA:

Camp NEOSA exists to Nourish mind, body and spirit, Experience God's creation outdoors, Offer a safe environment to grow and learn, Share the love of Jesus , Allow children to discover their self-worth.

5037 Edgewood Rd. S.W.
    Carrollton, OH 44615-9278

(216) 623-7455

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