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Program Director

A member of the Senior Staff Leadership Team. The purpose of the Program Director is to further the mission of the camp through the planning and delivery of programming; design and deliver theme and curriculum; activities that are safe, fun, and appropriate to the campers’ age and abilities; and working with all camp departments assist in the management of the overall camp operation at the direction of the Executive Director.

CLASSIFICATION: Full-Time salaried position including benefits package with housing provided
REPORTS TO: Executive Director
SUPERVISES: Assistant Program Director, Recreation Manager, Summer Camp Coordinators, and Summer Staff.
POSITION PURPOSE: To give direction and oversite to Golden Bell’s activities, recreation elements, and programs by fulfilling the vision and mission of the Golden Bell camp.
SUMMARY: Oversee all program and social service areas of camp including Golden Bell’s in-house camps, activities and adventures, and rental group activity schedules.

- AA or BA preferred; High school diploma required
- Previous camp experience required, preferably in the area of designing and
implementing children and youth programs
- Evidence of strong leadership ability and teamwork
- Familiarity with theology, polity, and practices of the Church of the Nazarene

- A detail-oriented person with strong organization and communication skills with an ability to communicate a strong personal faith, an active church member, an understanding and belief in camping and retreats as a ministry of the church.
- A person with strong interpersonal relationship skills, comfortable with feedback and challenge, as well as an ability to interact with diverse groups of people and effectively meet their needs.
- Skilled in problem solving and conflict resolution.
- A person who is flexible and focused, capable of making necessary adjustments under pressure through multitasking and prioritizing the importance of tasks.
- A person able to work long hours, meeting the responsibilities of directing camp ministry programs and activities.
- Long-range planner
- Creative
- Physical ability to lift and carry 50 pounds.
- Visual and auditory ability to identify and respond to environmental and other hazards of the site and facilities and camper and staff behavior.
- Physical mobility and endurance to perform tasks while standing/walking/kneeling for long periods of time (60 minutes or more).
- Ability to safely and properly use equipment.

- Responsible for programming ministry including recruitment, training, evaluation and supervision of Summer Staff, program content and schedule, problem-solving and communication
- Plan, design and develop in-house camp programs (Summer camps, Family camps, off-season camps)
- Oversee Adventure programming and work with ACCT builder/trainer/inspector to maintain and improve courses as needed
- Compliance with CDHS (Social Services) policies and facilitate annual inspections
- Compliance with Local County Health Inspection policies and facilitate annual inspections
- Compliance with National Forest Service permits
- Coordinate rental group activity schedules and required staffing schedules
- Manage budget expenditures in the Programming Department

- Facilitate Team meetings and training sessions
- Maintain clear and encouraging written and verbal communication with all camp staff
- Assist with organizational marketing
- Exhibit a Christ-like attitude regarding tasks, guests, and co-workers.
- Assist in all areas of camp as needed (facilities, housekeeping, kitchen, etc.)
- Participate in weekend Hosting rotation
- Other duties as assigned

Time:  Full-Time Year Round
Salary:  Paid
Category:  Programming



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Job Contact:
Denise Bundenthal
(719) 687-9561

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Why work at Golden Bell Camp & Conference Center:

Staff fulfill Golden Bell's mission by collaborating to create a memorable mountaintop experience for all guests of all ages. As a team we encourage adventure, relationships, and a personal encounter with Christ.

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(719) 687-9561

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